Don’t be a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Are You “Man Enough” to Take Her Home?

Women hate to be tricked.

When a woman meets you she unconsciously makes a decision about you.? Whether you realize it or not she is silently deciding what role you will play in her life.

Will you be her friend?? Will you be her lover?? Will you just be some guy she rejects?? Will you be her next boyfriend?? Or will you be the guy she goes home with for a night of unbelievably hot sex?

The minute you open your mouth to talk to a woman you are delivering a silent promise to her that says I will play this “role” in your life.

And each of these 4 “roles” is determined by certain factors such as your appearance, your body language, how confident you appear, how smooth you talk, and how aggressive you are physically.

As guys, at some point in most of our lives we want to play the role of her lover or the random guy she goes home with for a night of unbelievably hot sex.

It is completely natural for you to desire to have the ability to walk up to a beautiful stranger, introduce yourself, quickly and easily escalate the conversation, turn the woman on immensely, and then bring her back to your place? or even better, drag her into the bathroom for the fuck of the century?

Unfortunately for most men they continually place themselves in the “role” of friend, boyfriend, or guy she rejects? and they never get to experience this kind of pleasure with women.

But there is even a WORSE scenario that many men are now facing?

Whether you’ve read a book on seducing women, watched enough Hollywood movies, or you have learned by watching the successful guys you know? chances are you KNOW what it takes to pull off this kind of seduction.

You probably know that it takes a certain level of boldness and directness.? You probably know that you’ll need to appear fearless and in control. You probably know that it takes dressing in a sort of “sexualized” way.? And that you have to use “sexy” words, gestures, and touching to amplify her physical desire for you?

On a basic level you probably know all of this.

And like some guys you probably think you can imitate the successful guys you’ve seen and get the same results?

But there is a more important question you need to ask yourself.

Scrabble, Secret Garden Party 2009The question is:

“If I can seduce a woman to the point that she will follow me into the bathroom to drop her panties and fuck my brains out? do I have what it takes to follow through on the “silent” promise I’ve made to her?”

Women hate to feel tricked or swindled.

And if you make a “silent” promise to a woman that you are the kind of guy who will play the “role” of lover in her life? you better be ready to deliver on that promise.

Women hate sheep in wolf’s clothing.

A sheep in wolf’s clothing is a guy who wants so badly to be the “badboy” that he imitates their behavior so well that it works?

But deep inside he isn’t emotionally, mentally, or physically ready to act out on the sexual, direct signals he is sending women.

I know that I’ve been there before.

I can remember a time in my past a few years back in which I “dropped the ball” and completely disappointed a woman I had “frauded.”

The woman was older, maybe early 40s, and was oozing of sexuality and lust.? With the help of some “liquid courage” I approached her and told her “You have an amazing sexual energy.”

Within a few minutes she was suggesting we “go somewhere a little more private.”

My mind went blank. I was in my early twenties at the time and the thought of this sexually aggressive cougar sent me into a panic.

sexy time in ballardInstead of taking her hand and walking her toward my car for the short drive back to my apartment? I stood there and continued talking? and talking? and talking?

And quickly exposed myself as a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

10 minutes later she was gone.

Here is the major danger in promising something to a woman that you can’t deliver.? Once a woman places you in a certain “role” if you don’t follow through on that promise the woman will feel like you tricked her and will not be interested in you for any other role.

This means if you promise that you’re the boyfriend type– but then attempt to go for the one night stand she will most likely reject you and you’ll never get the chance to be her boyfriend.

This means if you promise that you’re the lover- but then treat her like you want to be her boyfriend she will reject you and you will never get a chance to sleep with her.

There is another big reason why women are so turned off by this sort of behavior.

It takes a lot for a woman to expose her “slutty” side to a man.? If a woman opens up this side to a man and he doesn’t act accordingly it is a huge insult to her pride.? She will feel embarrassed and immediately want to remove herself from the situation.

What I recommend is that if you are not really sure you can live up to the “wolf’s” reputation? then don’t disguise yourself.? It will only do you more harm than good.

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