Getting Physical With A Woman: 3 Common Mistakes

3 Mistakes Making Your Move on a Girl

Many of my clients ask me about how to get physical with a woman, and I am always surprised by the various different ideas that guys have regarding physical escalation …

The truth is that getting physical with a woman is really a pretty straight forward thing… One of the biggest ways that guys screw this up is by trying to “get fancy” and do a bunch of stuff that is completely unnecessary.

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So, to keep you on the right track here are 3 common mistakes guys make when they are getting physical with a woman that can bring things to a screeching halt:

1. Verbalizing your intentions

Get in there!

Often times guys want to “test the waters” by asking for permission before they make their move… So they end up saying something like, “I want to kiss you” or even worse asking, “is it okay if I kiss you?”… TERRIBLE! (read the other 7 mistakes going for the kiss)

Saying something like this is the surest way to make an interaction get really awkward and to kill any attraction that a woman might have for you. Not only does this peg you as an inexperienced guy who probably hasn’t kissed more then a couple women, but it also gives her a chance to verbally deny you… Which is never good.

If you are in a situation where you feel a woman might be open to making out then she probably is, and you are much better off just going for it (how to go for the kiss). Or better yet you can get a sense of whether she is ready by seeing how she reacts to other forms of touch like hand holding and hair-stroking.

2. Going Berserk On Her

If you haven’t been with a woman in a while, you are liable to get pretty excited when you find one who’s down with the program. But you need to be careful not to overdo it and try too move things forward too fast or you run the risk of coming across as a sex-starved maniac. Yes, Some women will be ready to meet your little friend just minutes after your first kiss, but in most cases you’ll need to warm them up more slowly.

In particular be sure not to slobber on her too much as first. If you start ramming you tongue down her throat and salivating all over her face that can cause problems.? (here’s an article on how to kiss a girl).

3. Leaving Her Hanging

Many times a guy will make out with a girl a bit and then decide to “wait till next time” to close the deal. This might sound good in theory, but the problem is that once a woman is turned on and you make her horny, she expects the man to continue to move things forward and see things through. If you don’t at least try to get it in, she’ll be left wondering what went wrong, and there is an very good chance that you’ll never get another shot.

Instead just keep slowly and smoothly moving things along until you either finish what you started or she tells you that she’s not ready. This way she knows that when she decides to open up that you’ll be ready to make it happen.



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