Using a Woman’s Non Verbal Clues to Find Out if She’s Into You

Putting the Clues Together

It is safe to say that most men have already figured out that girls are different than us.? Some differences are awesome and some leave us shaking our heads. Did you know though that research has stepped in to give us guys a hand when it comes to figuring out if a girl is interested in you? The best part is you can simply look for the signs before you even screw up your courage to talk to that hottie at the club.

The signs are called ?non-verbal? clues and it means exactly what the name implies; signs a girl will show without a word being exchanged. How much easier could it be for a guy to already know a girl is interested just by observing her behavior?

Let?s have a quick anatomy lesson here. (Sorry, it?s just about a woman?s brain.) Females have a highly developed ?limbic? system within their brains. In plain language, it is the area of her brain that speaks to her core emotional needs, like desire. To make it easy to understand, just know that her limbic system is wired for pleasure. But hold on tiger, she also has a chaperone aspect to her brain to keep the limbic in check and it is called the neo-cortex.

You are going to have to bypass the neo-cortex gatekeeper because that?s where her logic kicks in and might spoil her instinct to have a good time. How is a guy supposed to do this? This is where capitalizing on her non verbal clues will over-ride the prim neo-cortex every time!

There are ten solid non verbal signals a girl will send if she is interested in you. Memorize them and practice looking for them.

??????? She makes eye contact with you right away.

??????? She holds eye contact and smiles.

??????? She turns her body to face yours.

????? ??She touches her hair or twists a luscious lock around her finger.

??????? She moves closer to where you are.

??????? She tilts her head to one side as she gives you a hot stare.

??????? She crosses her legs and points one leg toward you.

??????? She licks her lips when she knows? you are looking.

??????? She ?accidentally? touches you or brushes against you.

??????? She asks the bartender to send you a drink from her.

It is full steam ahead time guys. This girl is definitely into you. You have got to make your move now before the ?chaperone? steps in and kills the mood. Here is what her limbic system wants from you to encourage her to follow her impulse. Since you have gotten all or most of the signs she is interested make sure you follow through and make physical contact.

Make sure your voice is soothing and warm because the sound of your voice is either going straight to her pleasure center or the mean old chaperone.? A man with a sexy voice will go right to the pleasure center. Always give her a smile because research has shown that girls respond to the act of smiling whether your teeth are perfect or not. Her brain will be telling her that you are friendly, relaxed and she will smile in return. Keeping control of your posture and body language truly makes an impression on a girl.? It is always head up and shoulders out guys because her pleasure center is all about that.

Now you know the non verbal signals a girl is sending to show interest and you also know she may not be aware she is sending them thanks to her limbic system. You know that her limbic system is all about pleasure. Now it is a good idea to practice observing girls who may be throwing signals at you or even another guy.

A girl may not know she is giving you the go ahead but you will. You will also know how to approach her in just the right way to by pass her pleasure centers chaperone and get down to business.

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