How Can I Tell If She’s Interested

How To Know She’s Giving You The Green Light

So how can you tell if a woman is interested in you? This is a tough question. Mostly because women aren?t ?hard wired? like men. You see, if a man is interested in a woman, he tries to show her through ?displays.? Like ?displays? of his love through gifts. Or ?displays? of his interest through blatant facial expressions. Or even ?displays? of his lust through his touch on her.

Whatever the case, when a man is interested in a woman, he wants to make sure she knows. This is because men evolved to select women using their tools of strength and confidence. And a strong, confident man doesn?t have to ?hide? what he wants.

Women, however, evolved in a whole separate way. She is smaller and weaker than a man, physically. So most of her ?strength? or ?power? comes from alliances she can make with other women. That?s why you ALWAYS see groups of women sticking together. How often do you see one hot woman, by herself? Never!

And if she?s not with other women ? she?s around a powerful man. He?ll protect her, so she follows him.

Now, what if she showed blatant interest in a man and got rejected? Well, she would automatically become lower ?status? than the guy who rejected. Which means she would lose her position with her friends, other men would see her a less desirable, and her confidence would be shot!

This is too big of a risk to take. So, women evolved much more ?subtle? ways of showing her interest in a man: She uses body language, proximity and eye contact as her MAIN tools of attracting a man. And since these signals are so subtle ? most men miss them completely!

(I know, I know. This hasn?t been the case for hundreds of years! But it WAS the case for MILLIONS of years. And we haven?t forgotten our fear of the dark, just because we have light-bulbs!)

In this article, I?m going to show you each of her three main tools. You?ll see how to tell if that cutie making eyes with you is for real ? or not. You?ll discover:

  • ONE ?ATTRACTION SIGNAL? ALL MEN MISS! This is the main ?weapon? in her attraction arsenal. But most men miss it completely!
  • HOW LONG TO LOCK EYES before flirty eye contact turns into an awkward staring contest!
  • DOES SHE LIKE YOU? Look at this part of her body to tell. She?s very blatant if you know how to tell!

? Plus, we?ll go a little more in-depth into each of her three main weapons: Eye Contact, Body Language and Proximity.

Let?s start with ?Eye Contact.?

A woman?s eye contact isn?t that different than a man?s. When she likes you, she locks eyes for just a second ?too long,? right? Well, that?s half right.

You see, in modern society, women and men are bombarded with images of sex and sexuality. Because of this, she knows that most men are trying to ?get some? from her. And if she locks eyes with every man she sees, she?s going to get way too many men trying to talk to her.

Because of this ? a woman tends to ONLY make eye contact with strangers she?s interested in! Yes, the ?longer? eye contact means she?s super excited to meet you. But even a fleeting glance is a green light. She?s essentially telling you ?Here?s a green light. Come over and talk to me. I may be shy at first, but I kinda like you. Just don?t screw this up!?

So when you make eye contact with a woman, just smile and say ?Hey.? When she says ?Hey? back, start talking about ANYTHING ? and build it into a conversation. She?ll be responsive.

Now, body language is a massive topic. Entire books have been written on body language. Hundreds of those books were written on male-female flirting body language. But only about 12 pages in the whole world of body language is worth a damn, when it comes to what you should ACTUALLY look at, to tell if a woman likes you.

Most is bullshit theory. And most is misleading, or just plain wrong. Here?s the only un-mistakable ?test? you can give a woman?s body language: Look at her feet.

We, as humans, have a natural tendency to ?go after? something or someone we want. We do this automatically ? below the surface, so to speak. And if a woman wants a man, she almost certainly will point one or both of her feet towards him. You can tell she likes you, if her feet are pointed to you. You can tell when you ?have her? during a conversation, when her feet turn to face you. They?re a good landmark, during the entire seduction.

But the main weapon women use has nothing to do with body language, at all! In fact, it?s the one signal almost all men miss. And it?s called ?proximity.? You see, women are more ?reactive? than men. Walking right up to a man would almost certainly make her look ?too eager? or even ?slutty.? Even if she wants to talk to you.

So, she makes approaching her as easy as possible. You?ll notice women sometimes make a few trips by you, when she doesn?t need to. Or seem to be ?hovering? around you, when they don?t need to be. And when you notice these signals, you will notice SO MANY WOMEN trying to catch your attention ? it?s ridiculous.

Best of all ? when you talk to these women, they?re much more receptive. Because they?ve been signaling you ? practically BEGGING you ? to come talk to them!

So how can you tell if a woman?s interested in you? Simple: Eye Contact, Body Language and the grand-daddy of them all, Proximity.

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