How to Tell If She’s Leading You On

Is a Girl Leading You On?

Jon Sinn here, and today I want to talk to you about one of the more sneaky sticking points that guys have.

That?s the issue of getting led on by girls who give you their phone numbers. Now notice this is a different sticking point then phone flaking or getting ?bad? phone numbers.

Phone flaking happens when a girl gives you her phone number and then agrees to meet up before coming up with a variety of different excuses for why she can?t get together.

?Bad? phone numbers happen when you get a girl?s phone number and she either never responds, responds by asking you who this is, or answers once and then never again.

Today we?re going to talk about getting led on and getting led on is my newest edition to the sticking point list.

What happens with getting led on is you meet a girl and really like her and you?re really getting along well. You?re texting a lot but she won?t meet up or if she meets up she only meets up for like an hour or so. Also whenever she?s willing to meet up she?s either with friends, or completely controls how and when you hang out. She?s really ?busy? so she?ll have one drink with you and go home or go hiking with you for an hour and then go I?m really busy I have to go do stuff.

What happens here is you?ve become emotional validation. She is not looking at you as a woman looks at a man, she?s looking at you as someone who makes her feel good about herself, makes her feel wanted, attractive, etc. and once that happens you then have almost no chance of getting that girl into bed.

So guys will continue to call and text and try to get them out thinking they?re working on them and girls will even support this with what I call the ?myth of trying hard.? I?ve had girls when I was like you say ?it?s been a month and we haven?t hung out, I?m deleting your number.? They?d be like, ?well if you thought it would be that easy then you probably should have tried.? I?m like what are you talking about? It?s been a month where I?ve been texting you every day trying to get you to hang out and you don?t.

But girls can go to this myth of you have to try harder or nothing worth having comes easy. All this stuff that doesn?t apply to the situation of people because with people things should be easy. If a girl is doing things that make it seem she?s not into you, don?t be a detective just assume she?s not into you and move on.

As one of my friends once tweeted: ?i will tell you what. you can chat, email, text, but if you’re not meeting up, there is something, likely someone, else going on. #dating?

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