Ultimate Secret for Meeting Girls on Facebook

You know how ADDICTED women are to Facebook. Seriously, it’s gotten out of control…

All day long, I see chicks feverishly checking their Facebook accounts: while they’re at work, at the coffee shop, standing in line at the bank…I even see girls uploading pics of themselves (and trying to get “Likes” and comments) while they’re out partying with their friends.

(Or even worse, snapping and uploading pictures of their friggin’ DINNER when they’re at a restaurant. Does anyone really want to look at someone else’s food?!)

Guys spend a lot of time on Facebook too, but it doesn’t have the same “crack cocaine” effect on dudes that it has on women.

So why are girls so obsessed with Facebook?

It comes down to one word:


Women crave validation from the people in their social circle. Those “Likes” and positive comments they get on Facebook are like a hit of crack to their nervous system!

If you’re good with women, then you must already know that one of the keys to seduction is WITHHOLDING validation and only giving it out in small doses.

Instead of making it immediately obvious that you would crawl over broken glass to get a date with her, you make her EARN your approval.

Instead of telling a hot girl, “You’re so beautiful” (which she hears constantly from chumps), you say something like:

“Y’know Jessica you’re cute, but honestly I’m tired of hanging out with girls who coast on their looks and don’t have anything interesting to talk about. So tell me the most interesting thing you’ve done lately.”

Rather than saying, “Will you go out with me sometime if you’re not busy?” you say:

“I could tell we could have a lot of fun together, Jessica. If you keep earning points with me, I might have to take you to my new ‘secret spot’ that serves the best margaritas and Mexican food you’ve ever tasted in your life.”

I could give you a hundred examples of these types of comments (and they work incredibly well), but let me get to my point:

On Facebook, the whole idea of validation goes to a different level.

You do NOT want to be lumped in with every other chump on her Facebook friends list, who rush to post gushing comments every time she uploads a new “selfie” to her profile. (“Selfies” are those pics girls take of themselves on their phones, often showing themselves striking a sexy pose in a mirror.)

If you EVER post those types of comments on profiles of women you are NOT hooking up with, I want you to cut it out right now. It’s absolutely murdering your chances of her ever taking an interest in you.

The problem with most guys on Facebook is, they don’t think they realistically HAVE a chance with the hot, “popular” girls…

But I’m here to tell you, ANY girl on Facebook you desire CAN be yours.

And on Facebook, you have a thousand times the opportunities you’ll ever have in the “real world.” You can meet, chat with, and line up dates with a dozen girls a night — without having to leave your house (or even get dressed!)

You just need to learn a few simple “attraction hacks” and loopholes that let you turn Facebook into your own personal “chick delivery service.”

And you definitely need to know how to handle the concept of validation with women on Facebook.

If you “frame” yourself as a guy who’s not easy to impress…who already KNOWS plenty of attractive women, and isn’t fazed by her looks (no matter how hot she is)…you can contact her?from a position of STRENGTH…in a way that compels her to respond to you.

Then, it’s simply a matter of sending a few cleverly written messages to spark her interest, create a sense of “chemistry,” and get her to come meet up with you. (I can give you copy-and-paste examples of emails to send, so you don’t even need to write anything yourself!)

In this video presentation, my friend (and former student) Brandon reveals the secrets of Facebook Seduction:

Watch and discover Facebook Secrets

When you use these drop-dead easy methods (they work even if you’re not normally “good” with hot women), they’ll see you as being in a completely different league than all of the other guys on her Friends list.

And if she’s NOT on your Friends list yet, you’ll even learn how to get her to add you…AND chat with you!

Then, you’ll learn about special apps, games and other Facebook features which 97% of guys have no clue about (and even fewer guys understand how to USE these features to seduce women).

It’s all here:

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