The Four Dates That Most Women Don’t Want to Be Taken On

Some of the most popular first date ideas are the ones that all women hate. Your first few dates need to be romantic, tasteful and not unbearable. The following ideas should never be used when you are first getting to know each other.

The movies on student night

Movie dates are as unimaginative as you can get. It?s the type of date you go on where you don?t particularly want to talk to your date, but want an excuse to make out with them. Taking your date to the movies on cut-price ticket night is just stingy. A boring movie date, combined with an insight into how desperately you want to save a few dollars, is going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The exception: She might not mind going to student movie night if she is a student struggling on a budget herself. She can?t quite afford the night out, but she doesn?t want you to pay for her ticket either. If you suspect this may be the case, ask her if she has a preferred movie theatre to go to. Try to make her be the one to suggest going on cheapskate night.

The family function

It should go without saying that you do not bring the girl you?re dating to a family function. Yes, she needs to meet them eventually, but until you are serious about each other it is far too soon. You may well enjoy your family?s company, but it?s going to be nerve-wracking for her.

The exception: There is none. She may pretend she?s okay with going to your family event, but she is mentally willing for it to be over quickly.

Trashy nightclub

You may have found each other at a club, but it?s just not a good date spot. You can hardly talk to each other, and you?re surrounded by sweaty drunk people. It?s not anyone?s idea of a romantic date.

The exception: If you have a reason to be at a particular nightclub, for example a mutual friend is having a birthday there, then it makes sense for you to go together. It doesn?t count as a date though, especially if she finds someone else to flirt with at the bar.

The beach

Going to the beach with someone new is a nightmare for most women. She probably isn?t ready for you to see her in a bikini just yet. Add to that the anxiety she?ll feel surrounded by other women in bikinis, who she will think you are comparing her to. Wait until you?ve seen and are comfortable with each other?s bodies before you hit the beach. The beach can be romantic, but if you must go, make it in the evening so you don?t need to get in the water.

The exception: Occasionally you will find a girl who just doesn?t care what other people think, and she will not be afraid to go to the beach with you. Be wary; just because she seems confident, doesn?t mean the thought of wearing bathers doesn?t strike fear into her heart. Don?t go on a beach date unless it?s her suggestion.


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