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#1 Technique to Creating Massive Sexual Tension with a Girl (even if she only sees you as a friend)

#1 Technique for Creating Massive Sexual Tension with a Girl

In this video we discuss the #1 to create sexual tension with a girl. This technique for creating attraction and sexual chemistry with a girl involves tapping into the natural sexual tension that already exists between a man and a woman.


Rob Judge: Hey, what’s up.  It is Rob Judge and I am joined today with my very good friend, Chris, AKA 60 years of challenge.  What we wanted to talk about was a concept that really, you introduced to me and I think is absolutely brilliant.  It was funny because it was something I did naturally once I started getting better with women.  It was something I did very unnaturally [when I was not good] with women.  It’s the idea that a natural sexual tension exists when you’re in front of a girl that you’re attracted to, or not even necessarily a girl that you’re attracted to, just a girl, that there’s a natural sexual tension.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.  I think, whenever, and I’m sure guys can relate to this, a woman is in front of you, especially when you first meet her, you get this feeling of electricity that, whoo! I like this girl.  Maybe you want to sleep with this girl.  It’s very powerful and I think the first time it happens to you, maybe it even scares you a little bit and maybe you see her feeling it, you think I think in a guy’s mind, is like, oh I have to make this girl feel comfortable first.  We can’t have this feeling in the air.  We better shut it down right away because I got to make a girl feel comfortable.  Then make my move, but the funny thing is, is like that feeling you’re talking about.  That’s like the secret sauce, the secret electricity that gets the interaction rolling pretty fast.

Rob Judge: Yeah.  That’s a great point because I think every guy can relate to it, when they meet that girl for the first time and they immediately feel that buzz or that “Oh my god, this girl’s gorgeous” or “I’d love to fuck this girl” or whatever.  Add your inappropriate thought here.

The problem is, a lot of guys then, just diffuse that because they feel uncomfortable with this.  I know from my personal experiences, it’s not so much, oh no, I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable, it was like, I felt uncomfortable.  I felt like, oh I shouldn’t be feeling this way, so I would do something to diffuse it.  One of the things I learned from you is that’s probably the worst thing you can do.

Chris: Absolutely.  I think the thing is you feel almost creepy that this feeling’s in the air and you just want to shut it down right away.  You feel almost like she knows.  I think it’s like, it’s not just you, she’s feeling that I’m feeling this, that I want to bang her and you’re like, we got to get rid of this right away.

One example would be, whenever you’re talking to a girl, there’s obviously going to be that moment where there’s a pause in the conversation, a silence, so now things are just quiet. In that second or two, this thought is transferred, like man, I’d love to bang this chick. You see her looking and it’s like that feeling It’s like we got to rush in and say something and say anything.  I think that’s when guys blurt out a lot of stupid stuff like, so, hey and you ruin that moment.

Instead of basking in it and enjoying it where you both It’s funny, it’s really with girls, the connection is made.  It’s not like you talk about traveling and talk about what you did last summer, the connection is made.  It’s really made in a split second.  Just that second of eye contact, it’s like an understanding or a second of silence when you look at her and she looks at you and it’s like, boom, it’s on.  It’s not this long drawn out thing.  It happens in an instant.

Rob Judge: That’s a great point.  I think that what you’re saying is that a lot of guys It’s almost like a [inaudible 3:11] develop where you feel that comfort in that, and I’m going to put it in finger quotes, because it’s really not awkward, and now to me, it’s ridiculous to even think of it as being awkward.  I know when I first started, that moment of silence, that moment where you’re making eye contact, you both realize that we may or may not fuck tonight.  It’s that moment when you realize that and to develop that muscle, that sort of, hold the line, I’m not going to talk first.

Me and Bobby made a video about this where we compared it to having a game of chicken.  It’s whoever swerves first.  You don’t want to be the one that swerves first.  You want to be the one that’s comfortable in that moment because the more you let that moment permeate and build, the more electricity there’s going to be later on.

Chris: Absolutely.  I think guys got to realize, again, it’s just that one second you have to get good at.  A lot of people talk about eye contact and you think, Oh man, I got to stare this girl down for a minute and have this mean look on my face and stare her down.  No.  It’s comfortable.  It’s a second extra.  When I tell guys about eye contact, just an extra second longer than normal.  It’s not like this, I got to stare her down.  It’s just like, that extra second.  Boom. Then you slowly turn your head away.

A lot is communicated in that second.  It’s not a minute of silence, sitting there like, wow there must be a lot of sexual tension.  It’s an extra second or two.  Boom.  Then I start talking again, just letting it fester in the air there, the tension.

Rob Judge: That’s a great point and something that I advise guys to do.  I probably learned this from you, is that you really want to wait a second or two before you respond to a girl.  If she asks you a question, don’t be like, oh yeah, blah, blah.  Motor-mouthing your response.  Just chill out a little bit.  Take a deep breath.  Think for a second and let there be spaces between your words.  Speak a little bit slower, actually give her that excitement, that moment where she’s second guessing, okay what is he going to say next or what is he going to do next?

Again, this goes back to a scrambler, unlock her legs, and all the stuff that Bobby and I talk about.  If you think about yourself the experience you’re projecting onto a girl is like a movie and if she knows the end to that movie, she’s going to get bored and she’s going to want to leave.  If she’s wondering, okay what is going to say next, what’s the next Those wheels are spinning, that’s where a lot of attraction and sexual tension happens.

Chris: Right.  The first step is you got to see yourself as a little more seductive.  I know it’s hard for people.  You’re afraid your friends are going to make fun of you.  Ahhhaa, look at Rob trying to be seductive over there.  It’s hard.  You go out, you’re being social. You’re meeting girls.  You’re being funny and witty to meet them, but now it’s one on one and you’re talking to them, now you got to change it up a little bit.  Be that more seductive guy, a little more sexual guy and chill things out a little bit.

I know it’s hard.  It’s 2 different energies.  You’re running about the bar, hey ladies, what are you celebrating?  Cheers!  Then it’s like, okay wait, let’s slow this down.  Let’s chill out.  Let’s make it a little more seductive.  A little more sexual.

Rob Judge: Chris, where can guys learn more about you?

Chris: All right.  Well, listen, man.  You guys can click the link below.  There’s a lot more free information for you.  Actually, a presentation that shows you the biggest mistake guys make when it comes to building sexual tension and what you can do to turn things around and actually get that girl.

Rob Judge: That’s great.  Obviously, I hope it’s very, very clear from this video, sexual tension and those underlying currents that aren’t necessarily You can’t put a finger on it, but it’s just something.  That’s what chemistry is, right?  “There’s just something about him” phenomenon and that’s what you teach.

Chris: The best thing is, it’s free.  It’s there if you want to take advantage of it.  Most guys just give it away, but it’s there for you.  There’s nothing special you need to say or do, it’s just waiting for you to tap into, so to speak.

Rob Judge: It’s great stuff.  All right.  Well, Chris, thanks a lot for swinging by.  I’m sure that our viewers got a lot out of it.

Chris: All right.  Talk to you guys later.


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