5 Weird Things Women Find Really Attractive

Attractive Traits That Women Want in a Man (That You Might Not Expect)

I?ve always been that guy with a lot of female friends. In fact, I?d say my friends are about a 50/50 male-female ratio.

And I?ve always preached that this is really valuable, because a) it?s stupid to isolate yourself from potentially excellent friendships simply based on gender and b) because you?re going to gain a wealth of insight and knowledge about how to make yourself more attractive to women.

Talking to women to figure out what they find attractive, what a revelation, right?

Well, kind of, yeah. We as men don?t always have the fullest picture of what women find attractive, because a lot of it goes against our nature. We?re visually orientated, confrontational, show offs. Which is why we primarily think that women are only attracted to sculpted abs, gold watches, big wallets and big- well, you know.

But as the good ol? game teaches us, that?s really just what the media has sold us on so that we?ll buy shit.

The truth is, there are small, easy things you can start doing right now that will make you more attractive to women, and they won?t cost you a damn thing.

1.?Good eye contact.

I really didn?t believe this until I started trying it, but women are instantly turned on when you look right into their eyes.

There?s something seductive and sexual about that to them.

My theory is that it?s a confidence thing, and almost primal in nature. There?s a lot of power in not breaking eye contact. It sort of says, ?I?m not going to back down from you.?

Here?s a trick. Try alternating your gaze for her eyes to her lips. That?s what women mean when they talk about ?bedroom eyes?, and it drives them wild.

2. A good smile.

It?s just this weird, quirky thing where a guy?s smile will make?girls go crazy.

We rarely get that as guys, usually we kind of like that pouty, badass face that girls make in advertisements, so this one goes over our head.

But girls obsess over a good smile. It?s why they go crazy for pictures of Ryan Gosling.

The smile though is really more of a smirk, which sort of says, ?oh you look at you, you?re adorable.?

Why this works is because you?re expressing that you find them attractive, but they?re having to win you over.

There?s mystery behind a good smile. It makes them?think, ?Am I getting him? Does he like me? It seems like he likes me, I want him to like me.?

3. A sense of humor.

Girls love a guy who will make them laugh.

If you?re not a student of comedy, don?t worry, because it?s not that difficult.

Instinctually you should just be yourself, and if a girl doesn?t really get your specific brand of humor, it?s no loss. Honestly, could you really stand to be around somebody who flat out doesn?t find the things you find funny, funny?

The only thing you?ll want to avoid is toilet humor, and really over the top, grossly sexual jokes. So yeah, not a good time to bust out your best, Aristocrats joke. Women tend to just not gravitate towards that kind of stuff.

Women like some kind of observation, with a touch of witty commentary thrown in. And you can actually be a little mean.

You can look at people and things around you, and comment on how messed up they are. Have a benign?laugh at their expense.?If you?ve ever read Vice?s Dos and Don?ts column, that?s pretty much what?you want to do.

It?s also okay to be a little vulnerable and laugh at yourself. Share something funny about yourself or that happened to you. Don?t be self deprecating, because that will come off like you have no confidence, but address it in a sort of, ?oh, wasn?t that boneheaded of me? type of way. That’s how you’ll start to create inside jokes and build rapport.

4. Running your hands through your own hair.

I don?t even have an explanation for this one. It?s something I?ve always done, and to be honest, it?s a nervous tic. So naturally, when I talk to women, I often find myself doing it.

But the number of times I?ve had a woman break rapport on me, and tell me how hot she finds it, is insane. It happens all the time.

I?ve checked with a few female friends on this one, and while they’ve all confirmed it is indeed sexy to them, they don?t have an explanation as to why either.

Oh well. Don?t look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

5. Touching them in the right way.

I?m so against aggressively grabbing women in bars, and I really do believe there?s an unspoken social boundary we should all respect.

So I?m not talking about that kind of gross, overly aggressive grabby stuff when I say ?touching?.

Are we on board with that? Women are people not objects, so don?t just man-handle them? Good.

Now, women do get excited when you touch them in the right way.

If you?re walking by them, and you can gently put a hand on their waste as you pass, or if you touch a shoulder or leg in conversation, that?s all working in your favor.

They like touching that feels coincidental or on accident, because it makes them start to build that romance story in their heads. It’s builds tension.

This kind of thing also doesn?t stop when you start making out, either. Women lose it when you don?t turn into an octopus when you?re making out, grabbing and squeezing everything in sight.

A hand on the waist or lower back to pull her in, or a hand on her cheek, however, will all but guarantee a callback.

How to Touch a Woman and Build Sexual Tension


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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