The Shy Guy’s Solution To Attracting Women

3 Proven Steps to Overcoming Anxiety With Women

So you think you?re shy, huh?

Chances are, if this article appealed to you then you probably consider yourself to be ?introverted.?

But do you really know what ?introverted? means?

I?ll give you a hint, it does NOT mean that you like to sit inside and read books all day.

According to the dictionary, being ?introverted? simply means that you are ?a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.?

In other words, you are just in-your-head a lot. You tend to analyze situations more than necessary. Especially socially.

For this article I am going to take this definition one step further… You are introverted if your idea of ?recharging your batteries? involves being away from others.

Extroverts are different. They gain energy from being around others. And the idea of being alone just sound boring and tiring.

Is this making sense?

Here is the truth that nobody will ever really tell you?

Extroversion and Introversion are results of how you view yourself. Your self-image.

They are labels created to classify you as being one thing, and not another.

The truth is that everybody has both introverted AND extroverted parts of themselves. Everybody has the capacity to be shy in one situation, and outgoing in another.

Think of these as different muscles… The more you socialize, the more social you become. The less you socialize, the less social you become.

For you to change, you?ve got to practice.

With this understanding, I want you to realize that the problem isn?t that you?re ?shy? or ?introverted?

The problem is that you have social anxiety and don?t know how to control it.

So in this artilce, I am going to give you three practical exercises that you can start using right away.

These exercises do NOT require having to change who you are. They just involve taking control of your emotions under pressure.

These tips will help put you into an awesome emotional state, whenever you want.

Emotions are contagious, so when you make these habits a part of your life, people will be drawn to you. And your social anxiety will actually start to disappear.

Let?s jump into it?

Shy Guy Fix #1: Knowing Your 3 Things

This is the key to improving your self-esteem, and becoming an attractive man all around? Always being aware of 3 things that excite you.

Where your focus goes your energy flows.

So the next time you are in a situation where you catch yourself thinking about how introverted you are, or how crappy you feel, just ask yourself this question?

?What are 3 instant ways I can reframe this to being positive??

For example, if you?re walking home from a really big exam that you think you failed.

Step one is to realize that you are focusing on something negative, and it?s killing your mood.

The second step is to instantly list off 3 things that you are thankful for, or excited about in that moment.

For instance, you could choose to be excited that it?s a beautiful day outside, or that you don?t have to worry about that damn test ever again, or even that you now have some free time to hang out with your friends.

Change your focus, change your life.

You can also apply this to your conversations with women?

If a girl said something that you took negatively (i.e. she called you ?sweet? or ?innocent?) rather than taking it as an insult, instantly CHOOSE to re-frame this situation as evidence that she is flirting with you.

Do this by listing off 3 reasons in your own head that she is clearly attracted with you.

Here are three examples of some things you can say to yourself

?Is that really her best pick-up line??

?If that?s her way of saying she wants to be ?bad? with me, I might consider it.?

?She?s never going to win me over with an attitude like that?

Trust me, taking action on this one piece of advice won?t be easy at first. Especially if you are really feeling down.

But if you can muster up the willpower to change what you focus on from moment-to-moment, then this tip alone could make all the difference for you.

Shy Guy Fix #2: Get Into Motion

Any time that you go into a social environment and you are being shy, the reason you feel that way is usually a result of your body language.

– Your knees are probably locked, and your feet aren?t moving much?
– Your elbows are likely close to your body?
– You are probably holding a drink in front of your chest?

And once you realize what your body language looks like, the solution is simple?

BREAK those body language patterns responsible for making you feel that way.

Your body and your mind are very closely tied together.

As a result, your mood can actually be a direct result your body language.

Just imagine in your head someone who is depressed. What do they look like?

They have their chin down, their shoulders slumped, and they have that mopey look on their face.

Now picture someone who feels amazing, and is the life of the party. What do they look like?

They are standing tall. Their shoulders are back. They eyes are forward. They have a smile on their face.

Look, you already know what great body language looks like. So the next time you catch yourself feeling ?off?, take a quick look at your body, and self-correct.

Rule of thumb: Tall and open is good, small and closed off is bad.

So for instance, if my drink is in front of my chest, and my elbows are by my side… I?ll literally put my drink down by my side, and puff out my chest a little bit. Or if I am sitting in a chair while looking down, I?ll stand up and look straight ahead with a smile on my face.

My only goal is to literally BREAK my current body language pattern.

It?s really that simple.

(Here?s a great Ted Talk with Harvard Researcher, Amy Cuddy, talking about this how body language can actually effect your confidence: “Your body language may shape who you are“)

Shy Guy Fix #3: Cold Showers

Ok, so maybe you don?t have any issues with your confidence? In that case, the only thing holding you back is your anxiety and fear towards overwhelming social situations.

And if you have ever struggled with anxiety to approaching women, or tend to hesitate in social situations, then you will love this tip?

Start taking COLD showers daily.

Nothing will be more beneficial to you staying calm, cool, and collected under pressure than a cold shower.

Imagine for a second…

You turn on the shower, and you can already feel the cool drops of water hitting your skin. Stinging like little needles, before you even get in.

Imagine that anxious feeling of hesitation and nervousness. Everything inside of you is trying to keep you from jumping under that running water…

This feeling right here is the exact same feeling that most ?shy? guys get before approaching women.

The hesitation. The anxiety. The fear.

By training yourself to jump into that cold shower and bask in the tension of the cold water hitting your skin? You are actually training yourself to overcome social anxiety.

Each time you do this, it becomes easier and easier.

And just like anything you practice daily, eventually that weakness of yours actually becomes your strength.

By taking a cold shower daily, you are literally training your ability to become comfortable around women and social situations.

Just make sure to also practice staying calm, cool, and collected when that water is beating down on your skin. Do this and you will become a master at controlling your own emotional state.

Give yourself that gift.

Start implementing all of these steps into your own life, and I promise, other ?shy? guys will start viewing to YOU as the confident social butterfly.

-Patrick James

P.S. You are awesome.

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