How Can An Older Man Attract A Younger Woman?

Simple Steps to Being an Older Man Who is Attractive to Younger Women

Like most men, you have probably realized one?thing as you have gotten older: When it comes to the women we are attracted to, age is just a number. A 20-year old beauty is still a beauty, and our attraction doesn?t usually wane.

Men face some real issues when it comes to dating younger women. It is a double-edged sword, with differing opinions about the moral rights and wrongs of it.

The truth is, it is all opinion. When it comes right down to it, an attraction is an?attraction. Age is blind. There are many women who are attracted to older men, for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may not be ?healthy,? but they exist nonetheless.

Why Are Younger Women Attracted to Older Men?

Ask this question to any psychologist and you are likely to get a day-long dissertation on ?daddy issues.? I understand this is the easy answer to give, and probably covers a large percentage of women. However, women have other reasons besides Daddy.

Bad young boyfriend ? Young women normally get their dating feet wet with men their own age. If you remember back when you were that age, were you Mr. Right? It is doubtful. Young men are full of testosterone and immaturity. It is a combination that can turn women towards a more mature-minded fellow with a few years under his belt.

Women mature faster ? It is a simple fact of our species. Women can be years ahead of males their age when it comes to maturity. For many women, this tells them they need someone that can interact on their ?level.? Yes, they are still immature compared to you, but they appreciate the growth an older man elicits in them.

It?s all about experience ? She may just love great sex. Most younger men are not focused on a woman?s sexual needs. Older men have had time to develop this through relationships and sexual experience. She wants to be pleased, and the experienced touch of an older man is the cat?s meow.

She?s a sugar baby ? Let?s not forget that some women see older men as a means to an end. They want to be spoiled and taken care of, and most young men don?t have the chops.

She is a Little ? This one may not be very familiar to most men. A ?Little? is a woman with a young girl trapped inside (often a fetish lifestyle). Yes, this probably speaks to a daddy issue, potentially. Perhaps she did not get enough attention that little girls need. Maybe her father was absent in some way, preventing her from getting the male nurturing she needed. Ultimately, younger men cannot satisfy her needs, so older men are their ?comfort zone.?

What are Younger Women Looking for from Older Men?

The main thing all their reasons have in common is instinct. Women desire safety, security, and stability. Older men USUALLY have these things to offer. Above all else, when they see an older man, they need to see it, feel it and hear it.

As men get older, we should be tailoring our life to match our maturity and experience. This applies to how we dress and present ourselves, as well as how we speak to women. These are the keys to attracting younger women.

Older men often feel they need to ?get in touch? with the music and happenings of the younger crowd. This is not going to attract younger women. It often just comes off creepy or desperate. Women who might be attracted to older men, are just as easily put off by ?mid-life crisis? guy. It is best to work on your overall appeal.

Dress the part ? To attract younger women, you need to dress well. There is an expectation that your style has matured and evolved with you. T-shirts and ripped jeans aren?t an ?older guy? thing. Be smart and dress your age. A shirt and tie, or casual polo w/khakis set an expectation that you care about how you look. Women see confidence and maturity and it appeals to their needs. Avoid trendy, youthful haircuts and bad dye jobs to get rid of the grey. When it comes to older men, grey is the new black.

Manners make the man ? Etiquette, etiquette, etiquette. Attracting younger women demands manners and chivalry. You are older, so it is expected that you know how to treat a lady. Do so. Open doors, pull out chairs and be polite. Most importantly, do this for everyone. She needs to know this is how you are normally, not just being ?polite to her.? Women see through games. If it is not your ?norm,? she is going to pick up on it fast, young or not.

Treat her like an equal ? One thing young women deal with is their maturity. They are self-conscious when dealing with older people, afraid their immaturity will show through. You can ease this fear by talking to her like an adult. You don?t have to get deep into political or philosophical discussions to do this unless she can keep up. Just talk to her like you would a woman your age. Treat her like she is smart enough and experienced enough to converse equally. Find topics with common ground and keep it light. If she can talk to you easily, she will feel safe and wanted.

Do not overemphasize your prowess ? Yes, you have been around the block some. Yes, you are probably going to rock her young world in bed. Yes, she probably hasn?t experienced what you can do to her. DON?T TALK ABOUT IT! You will shoot yourself down quickly. Save it for a surprise later. Enjoy the look on her face when you take her to new levels.

Remember Your Role

Overall, whether they have daddy issues, or any number of reasons, many younger women like older men. The age gap doesn?t bother them, in fact, many seek it.

What they need from you is easy. They need maturity, poise, manners, and respect. They want to see it when you walk in the room and hear it when you open your mouth. Stay away from trying to be ?young.? They want you to be older. It turns them on.

Keep this advice in mind when you are out there. Don?t be afraid to smile at a younger woman. You might just find she is down to talk. Just be sure to check I.D.!

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