Which Dating Sites Have “Real Girls”?

Dating Sites That Won?t Leave You Wondering If You Are Talking To A Fembot

Dating sites are one of the best ways to meet women. You can go on nearly any site and see them promote the extraordinary number of female members available.

The question is, are those numbers inflated? The only way to find out is to sign up.

Next, you start signing up and build just enough profile to get in and search. Now is when the reality can set in. Hell, you didn?t even upload a picture, but within 2 minutes of getting inside, you have messages?

?Hey, I just saw your pic and think you’re hot. Wanna chat sometime??


If you haven?t figured it out, you just got a message from a bot.

Dating sites, like any other website, need to make money. However, to draw members, they offer ?free? sign-ups and member searches.

This means their money is made by paid membership or services. The way to get that money? Manipulate men into paying to be able to message, do advanced searches or be contacted by non-paying members ? i.e., women.

You may ask yourself, then how do I know real from fake? I have written about this before, pointing out things to watch for when it comes to scam sites and fake profiles.

Where to Find Real Women

Knowing what sites are going to offer real women takes time and effort. You have to slog through sign-up after sign-up, do tons of searches and read profiles, then send out lots of messages to figure out real vs. not.

Fortunately, I happen to have an obsession with online dating that hearkens back to 1990 when I got my first PC and logged into an AOL chat room. I have been doing the footwork and watching the evolution of dating online for nearly 30 years.

You?re welcome.

That being said, I will touch on some present-day sites that give you the best opportunities with real women.

Cautionary note: Every site has some amount of fake profiles.

Some sites create bogus profiles and call them things like Hosts, Angels or even Site Escorts (you can usually find out in their Terms of Service; you know, that thing no one reads).

With legitimate sites, fake profiles are often generated by scam sites that want to send you links or steal information. Legit sites at least try to do a good job of weeding these out, but nothing is perfect.

Now, on to the sites you need to know about.

Tinder Has Very Few Fake Women

Tinder has been around for a few years now. It has had such an impact on the online dating scene that the term ?swipe right? has become common nomenclature. It began as a ?hookup? site but has since evolved, with real relationships being sought by members.

Tinder offers the ability to see lots of women and communicate with relative ease. The beauty of the site, that prevents much of the bot activity, is its high-profile status. This notoriety demands that they keep things on the up and up, as best they can.

To be honest, I do have a soft spot for Tinder. I think they have done a great job of making dating online easy and possible. I got married two and a half years ago, and I met her on Tinder. Biased? Probably.

Just set up a great profile and get to swiping!

Plenty of Women on Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish (POF) is another site that has been around for years. Originally, they were a relatively free site that allowed messaging without membership, but that has changed somewhat.

That isn?t to say it isn?t worth paying for, as there are a plethora of real women available. However, use some discretion and intelligence as some users have begun to complain about fake profiles.

Take this with a grain of salt though because some men who strike out online quickly blame it on bullshit profiles and bots. Maybe they need to step up their game?

POF is a good site to find a variety of women; those with short-term casual goals and those with long-term, marriage goals.

Match and OKCupid Have Real Women

These two sites have some great online history. The reason they are not the first ?go-to? sites is that the bulk of their members are looking for real relationships over casual hookups.

They do give the option to find women looking for casual involvement, but for most women on the site, this means dating ? real dating with no physical expectations, unless you get lucky. Game on!

Both sites have paid access and can be beneficial if you are serious about finding something?serious. I am of a mind that if you want a future with someone, a little investment doesn?t hurt.

I will also mention eHarmony here as well. They offer one of the most in-depth profile models ever. They have a paid model that gets you access to all their female members.

The only issue I have with the site is the compatibility interview that asks you so many questions, which ultimately feels like it is pigeon-holing you. But, they do boast a very high success rate with long-term matches.

A Little Something for Those Seeking ?Adult? or Kinky Match-Ups

Sometimes you just want to get laid or explore something from the ?dark? side of your mind. There are two sites ? sister sites ? that can feed these needs.

Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is an option for those seeking open-minded, horny women. Not going to sugar coat this, most of these women want to fuck. Honestly, this mindset is the bread and butter of the site.

Yes, there are scammers and fakes, but they aren?t built onsite. If you are looking for easy hookups this is a site worth paying for a membership. Just be aware that the site doesn?t open everything with membership, some features must be purchased a la carte.

Alt.com is a great site for those with kinks and fetishes. Here you can find women into just about anything. Some are looking for play partners, while others are looking for long-term, lifestyle partners.

The site has a paid model similar to AFF, but if you really want to explore your kinks with someone, it can easily be worth the investment.

Cautionary Tale While Looking for Dating Sites

You are going to be, or already are, bombarded with junk mail, pop-ups and banners proclaiming to have willing women waiting to meet you.

You will see things like ?Tinder for MILFS!? or ?The ?Facebook? for Sex.? Honestly, you probably see tons of these when you are cruising porn sites. Don?t bullshit me, you know you are looking.

99 percent of these sites are shit. Some are just going to link to a hijack page or reroute to a site riddled with nothing but bots. Leave them alone. If you haven?t heard of the site, it is probably shit.

By the way, when you do a Google search for ?Top Hookup Sites/Apps? or ?Best Dating Sites/Apps,? most are going to give you a list of bogus sites that are paying per click-thru.

For the real sites, just set up a legitimate profile that presents your best. Look for the women you like, who meet your desires, and start messaging. If they don?t respond, it doesn?t mean they are bots. Have patience and give the benefit of the doubt.

Good luck human!

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