How To Ask Out Your Crush


Learn how to invite a woman on a date in a fun, low pressure way.

You’re sat making smalltalk with a beautiful woman. You want to invite her out on a date, but you have no idea how to do it.

What do you say? Where do you invite her? Is now the right time? What if she rejects you?

All these questions spinning around your head can be overwhelming enough to stop you making a move at all.

Far from ideal…

Read on for some tips to maximize the chances of your crush accepting your invite.

The perfect time to ask out your crush is NOW

Too many dudes wait for ‘the perfect moment’ to ask out their crush.

Often, that moment never comes.

That’s why the perfect time to ask out your crush is the first time you see her, even if it’s not in the easiest circumstances. (Failing that, it’s the next time you see her).

Yes, you should spend time in that moment getting to know each other, but don’t think you need to build a solid friendship before asking her out. Often, this does more harm than good.

If you take too long to ask her out, she’ll sense you don’t have the balls to make a move and lose attraction. See this ultimate guide to avoiding the friendzone for more information.

Also, beautiful women rarely stay single for very long, especially in this age of social media and online dating. Seize this opportunity before some other dude does.

It only takes a few minutes to show you’re a fun, confident guy. Once you’ve done that, you’re all good to ask her out on a date.

Guys who don’t waste time here often come across as self-assured and that’s a great impression to make. She can learn more about you by swapping social media details.

Ideally, she’s alone or in a small group when you ask her out. If she’s surrounded by people, she could feel self-conscious and turn you down to protect her good girl image. In this situation, search for an excuse to quickly drag her away from the group.

What to say

The words you use to ask out a woman should be as straightforward as possible.

The more casual and low-key the date seems, the easier it is for her to agree to it.

Here’s what I say to a woman I’ve just met:

“You seem fun. There’s this *date idea*. We should go.”

It doesn’t need to be a mind-blowing date idea. If there’s one unique aspect about the venue, that’s good enough. I usually invite girls to a pub near my house that sells 14 tiny beers for 12 euros. This guide on great first date ideas (LINK LINK) will help you think of something suitable.

Ideally, you arrange the meeting time right there (hint: as soon as possible). This saves you messing around with the BS that is modern-day text messaging.

Here’s all the texting that’s needed when you do this: (the first message was sent when I was stood with her.)

Should you ask out a girl by text?

Asking out a girl to her face scores you points for confidence, especially if you do it a fun low-pressure way that makes her feel comfortable.

If she’s ‘busy’ on the dates you suggest, swap phone numbers or (even better) social media details and arrange a date over the phone.

It does mean you’ll have to stand out from the hundreds of DMs and Tinder messages she’s getting. Here are some tips for doing that.

These days, most guys are far too reliant on their smartphones for arranging dates. Asking her out to her face does a lot to separate you from other dudes.

More quick tips for asking a girl out

  • You don’t need to call it ‘a date’. That’s makes the whole thing seem too official and high pressure. You’re aiming for casual and low-key. If you’ve flirted and invited her out, she knows it’s a date.
  • Arrange the date as soon as possible to help prevent her from flaking. Women’s emotions change constantly and they’re always getting hit up by new dudes, so minimise the amount of time she has to change her mind.
  • A fun non-needy way to confirm she’s still coming is to change the meeting time by a tiny amount. ‘Hi, Polina. I’m running a little late. Can we meet at 10.02pm instead?’

With these secrets to success installed in your mind, you’ll hopefully be less overwhelmed when asking out your crush.


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