5 Signs It’s Time to Make Your Move Into the Bedroom

Hands up if you’ve been in this situation before…

Things are progressing well with a girl you’ve just started dating. You’ve had a few dates, made out a few times; it’s all going swimmingly.

You might have had the suggestive eyebrow raise or the wink with a grin, but you’ve not had that, full green light.

There’s always that danger that you’re calling it too soon, and like a deflated World Cup team, be heading back home with your tail between your legs, and no glorious goals to boast about.

The big question you’ll ask yourself is when is the right?time to make that power play, into the bedroom. Well, it’s a tricky debate.

Some men will tell you to take charge and lead your lucky lass to the bedroom with little time for debate, while others claim a slow and charming approach will tease your new found date into submission.

Whatever the ‘perfect approach’ is, if things are moving along nicely with your date, here are five signs you can spot, that will tell you that it’s the right time, to make your move into the bedroom.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Have Sex

To help you figure out when the right time to have sex is, we’ve served up this little cheat sheet, of tips on how to feel about yourself, and decide if moving towards having sex right now is the best idea.

1. You’ve Bonded on Other Levels

Let’s face it, some of you might have assumed that our answer to this question was simply, ‘When she looks in your general direction at the bar.’ Realistically though, you’ll know when it’s the right time to have sex with your date for a number of other reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons which can jump out to you is that you’ve bonded on a deeper level. This doesn’t have to mean you’ve both matched up in the papers daily star-signs column, no matter how much your internal libra is telling you it’s going to happen.

No, bonding on a deeper level, like taking a cooking class together, helps you bond over more than just cocktails and sweet talk. Simple tasks you complete together like shopping and cooking together can bring you together.

When you have that close connection, when you then have sex, you’ll find it hits all the right spots.

2. Whenever It Feels Right

Here’s the thing. While some people will tell you to wait for?one date, wait for ten dates, don’t wait at all or wait until your married, everyone is right (in their own minds).

It’s not about what other people think; it’s about what you both feel is right, together.

If you feel like it’s the right time to make moves towards the bedroom or if it feels right in the moment, then go for it. Just make sure your partner is putting out the same vibes as you. Check her body language in particular for tell-tale signs.

Remember, that all though many people have opinions on when it’s the right and wrong time to ‘make your move,’ don’t forget it’s not a game, people just call it that.

If it feels right in the moment and you’ve had lots of positive body language, then go for it.

3. After an Exciting First Date

First dates can be some of the most exciting, unraveling and intense moments as you find out about your potential love interest. As you find out more about your date, you’ll likely have changing thoughts.

Here’s the thing, sex on first dates happens. Quite a lot actually.

Even though it might be seen as a taboo topic, both men and women sleep together on first dates, and it’s not always for unchivalrous reasons.

While you may think ‘getting laid’ on the first date is a brag for many men, it shouldn’t have to be that. If things have gone well between you and your date, the natural flow of things may well take you to the bedroom, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Remember it shouldn’t be your goal and aim, instead aim to enjoy the evening and if things go well, you may well find yourself waking up to a woman you didn’t expect to be there.

4. When Your Tick List is Perfect

Expectations are a killer. If you have tick list for your?perfect women that’s longer than your arm; chances are, you’re setting yourself up for a loss.

When dating, however, you’ll have that rare moment where somebody ticks all the boxes for you.

It might be something as simple as they play with their hair when they talk to you, makes you eggs in the morning or she has a smile that’d give Margot Robbie a run for her money.

Whatever it is, if she’s ticking all the boxes for you, that’s a great sign it’s time to move into the bedroom.

5. When You Can Picture The Morning After as Positive

Men and women alike can be in the situation where they dread the morning after. It’s not just because of disapproving looks or a lack of a decent breakfast.

Often it can be the fear of the unknown. A worry that you won’t be accepted, and after the sex is done, that’ll be the last time you speak.

In reality, it shouldn’t have to be that way. If you’re worried about what it’s going to be like the morning after and all you can picture is a negative outcome, then it’s probably not the right time.

When you’re comfortable enough with your romantic interest to be confident that the morning after will be positive, then you are in a good place.

Knowing about this going into the whole situation can make you a lot more positive. It’s the same as preparing for a date.

Have You Seen Any of These Signs?

Knowing when to make the big move can be a tough call. Nerves, confusion, miss-read signs and general tension can overcome you when dating.

Don’t let anxiety and other concerns get in the way. Look for the signs, and focus on the right reasons and it’ll turn out positive in the end.

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