5 Reasons She’s Suddenly Ignoring You- Can You Fix It?

Why Girls Stop Responding to Your Texts

Fellas, we’ve all been in this predicament. It’s no fun, but?it’s one we need to talk about.

You know the situation. You start off hot with a girl, and all of a sudden- it seems- she’s disappeared.

What gives? Why is she ignoring you?

Why do women suddenly go off the grid, and what does it mean? Does it mean she’s no longer interested? Does it mean she’s playing a game? Or, could it have nothing to do with you?

In this article, we’ll look at 5 reasons that girls suddenly ignore guys. Each solution Your situation may be one or more of these reasons.

And to finish, we’ll talk about one solution that could fix everything.

Reason #1. You’re one of many.

Have you ever?heard the saying “When everything’s a priority, nothing can be prioritized“?

In this case, this saying rings true to your situation. If she’s got multiple guys on the hook, her efforts towards getting to know all of them will be watered down.

It’s not fun to hear, but there’s a chance that her ignoring you means there are other capable, attractive options on the table. You have to know that you’re replaceable in a world of dating apps.?She can swipe right and be on a date 2 hours later.

Test:?If she’s still answering periodically, try to lock down plans with her. Maybe she’s just busy, but if she comes up with an excuse for every option, she’s not actually that interested.

Reason #2. She’s actually busy.

Perhaps the answer is that she’s got a life outside of answering your text messages. Even if she sucks at texting, this is probably a win. Girls who spend their whole day on their phone aren’t the ones you want to date, anyway.

Test:?Get to know her and ask questions about her work. Piece together what her schedule might be like in your head.

Reason #3. You’re too available.

It doesn’t matter if you just met or you’ve been together for a while. Dating is a game. The only pair that doesn’t have to be a little mysterious or reserved are ones that have been married forever.

She could have stopped answering you because you’ve made it clear that you’ll be available to her whenever she decides to come back. We call these kinds of guys ‘doormats’. Don’t be a doormat.

Test:?Stop being overbearing. Start being more subtle with your approach. See if she texts you more.

Reason #4. She isn’t sure she trusts you.

Our brains are wired to feel resistance if we aren’t sure about something. This is why we hesitate to start exercise plans, take a new job, and move to a new city. It’s also might be the reason why she’s ignoring your texts.

Take a moment to think about all you’ve told her. What perception does she have of you? How does that match up with the kind of girl she is?

Is she the relationship type? Does she think you’re a player? Is she afraid of your past? If you want it to work with her (and you probably do if you’ve read this far through the article), then you need to stop acting like a fuck boy and change your attitude toward her.

Test: Ask her if this is why she’s hesitant or being distant. Do it in person.

Reason #5. She’s playing the game (and winning).

Dating is like tennis. Your interactions go back and forth, back and forth, until someone wins the point.

Perhaps she’s independent, or just knows that there are plenty of guys available to her. Single girls know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. She could simply be testing you to see how you reply.

This reason is probably the most unlikely of the 5, but if it turns out to be right, get out of there. If this is how things started out, she’s not worth your time.

Test: Ask her what she’s looking for.

Get Her To Stop Ignoring You- The Solution

If you’re committed to seeing it through with this girl, change what you’re doing.

She’s ignoring the version of you that you’ve showed her thus far. So in an extremely logical sense, the best thing you can do is show her something different.

Whether that means being supportive, mysterious, less available, or more confident around her, throw out a new move. Like a game of tennis, it may just win you a point.

For an alternate take, here’s what what women are advised to do when a man stops calling.

What Does it Mean When Her Texts Slow Down

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