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    4 Surprising Reasons Why Fit Men Are Considered Attractive

    img Posted February 27, 2019

    Once you begin practicing the art of seduction, you’ll quickly learn that looks aren’t everything. Your ugly ass might have to pull a couple of stunners to believe it, ...


    10 Mistakes Every Young Man Shouldn’t Make (But Does)

    img Posted February 26, 2019

    Youth Doesn?t Have To Be Wasted On The Young – You Just Have To Take The Right Actions Every young man screws up his life in some way. And it those screw-ups that he then spe ...


    Date Younger Women in Your 40’s and 50’s

    img Posted February 25, 2019

    Don?t Let Your Age Keep You From Dating Younger Women ?Maybe you?re recently divorced and trying to get back into the game? ?Perhaps you want to relive your younger days even thoug ...


    3 Signs That a Woman is Attracted to You

    img Posted February 25, 2019

    How To Tell if She’s Into You When you meet a woman and you are spending time with her, it?s not always obvious if she?s feeling you or not? It?s always in the back of your m ...


    Masculine Vulnerability: How to be Vulnerable as a Man

    img Posted February 21, 2019

    You can be vulnerable without being weak A lot of men are taught that vulnerability is weakness – and that masculinity is all about hiding vulnerable emotions. For the longes ...


    Creating and Passing Women’s Tests

    img Posted February 20, 2019

    Today I want to talk to about the idea of creating and passing a woman’s tests in order to create attraction. That’s right I said creating tests. One of the easiest and ...


    How To Start Being The Man She Wants

    img Posted February 19, 2019

    Hint: The Answer Isn?t About Impressing Her? ?What do women want?? Well first off, if you?re even curious about the answer to this question – that?s not a good sign. Instead ...


    What Does Your Style Tell Women About you???

    img Posted February 14, 2019

    Are Your Choices in Style Attracting Women or Chasing Them Away? I hate to say it, but I?ve been seeing a trend that is LITERALLY striking guys out on sight? Before you even approa ...


    5 Types of Cold Reads

    img Posted February 13, 2019

    I’m in the midst of putting together a massive video on Cold Reading that I’m gonna be doing something with, not quite sure what yet, but I will keep you loyal blog rea ...


    How To Prevent Flakes

    img Posted February 13, 2019

    What to do to stop women flaking on dates Most flakes are YOUR FAULT. It might feel like you?ve done EVERYTHING right, then she just changes her mind out of nowhere. Yet, the truth ...

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