The Best Countries To Travel To As a Single Man

For Fun, Adventure, Dating, or Relaxation – These Are The Best Countries To Visit

At some point in every single man’s life, he should pack his bags, jump on a plane, and fly to some far-flung country on his own.

Not only does it test his ability to date, as the language barrier makes things more challenging (but also more interesting), it also disrupts his usual patterns of living, builds his confidence, and makes him far more well rounded.

Were I to start traveling all over again as a single guy, here?s where I?d go:


If you?re looking for THE best country to visit as a single man – then I?d have to say it?s Colombia.

Colombian women have a reputation for being some of the most beautiful on earth. Not only is this true, but they?re also warm, affectionate, kind, passionate, great cooks, great dancers, and maybe a little jealous (in a good way).

Learn some Spanish, learn some salsa, hit up a salsa bar and get talking to them. They?re used to macho, confident men, and although they?ll find your comparative shyness endearing, they?ll still expect you to make the move and ask them out.

The country itself is fantastic and has long outgrown its dangerous reputation. I recommend checking out the beaches of Cartagena in the North, then heading down to Medellin. There you can rent an apartment, enjoy the perfect weather, and ask out the Latin beauty every guy thinks about but never actually does.


One of my favorite experiences traveling was when I went to Rio. Every day I?d wake up, walk to the beach, buy a coconut, and relax in the sun. The fact that the beach was 5 minutes from my hotel was incredible. But, truth be told, it was the people that made Brazil so great.

Brazilians are extremely friendly, probably the most friendly people on earth. You can start chatting with anyone, people are keen to get to know you, and, as you’ll find out if you hit up some night clubs, kissing isn?t a big deal.

If you?re looking for great weather, new friends, and some incredibly beautiful women to date, Brazil is the country for you. Just make sure you learn some Portuguese before you go.


Russia is enormous and has an incredible history. From authors like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky to events in history like the USSR, there?s a richness to Russia that is rivaled by few other countries.

You can venture to Moscow or St Petersburg to explore the city life, travel to far-flung Siberia via train to see one of the more remote places on earth, or you could travel down to the wild Caucasus mountains. It?s like a world unto itself.

As far as dating goes, Russia is a goldmine, but one that?s carefully guarded. Russain women are beautiful, caring, and affectionate, but they don?t mess around. When approached they?re pretty cold and standoffish, but when they get to know you they?re extremely warm and loyal.? For this reason, Russia one of the best places to date on earth.


Okay, I know I said Russia had a rich history? But China has a REALLY rich history.

A couple of thousand years is nothing when it comes to Chinese history. They?ve been around as long as anyone, and across their sprawling country, you can see things that genuinely blow the mind. Deserts, mountains that poke up out of the earth like fingers, and temples that are older than you can comprehend.

China offers an extremely alien cultural experience, one that isn?t overly friendly for dating (outside of Hong Kong and more touristy areas), but it?s worth experiencing. There is no country like China, and taking the time to explore it will challenge many of your cultural assumptions.


Cheap as hell. Incredible weather. Amazing beaches. Great food. Friendly locals. What more could you ask for?

Bali is my favorite country in the world to just chill out, rent a scooter, and explore a whole island of beautiful, diverse landscapes and people.

It?s a tourist hot-spot, so it?s never hard to find English speakers or someone to buddy up with and travel around the island. My advice? Find a local you get on with and they’ll take you to spots you?d never normally come across.

For dating? You?ve got your pick of just about any type of woman you could think of because every single one of them travels to Bali. There?ll be disgustingly beautiful (but vapid) Instagram models everywhere, but in my opinion, it?s more interesting to date an Indonesian. Not only are they incredibly attractive, but I?ve never met one who didn?t have a really interesting life in comparison to mine – at the very least, it made the date worth it.


Croatia has the most beautiful coastline on earth, and outside of winter, the water is so warm it’s like stepping into a bath.

Incredible weather, beautiful women, amazing food (better than Italy if you ask me), and an unrivaled relaxation experience.

My advice? Spend your time relaxing on the islands. Eat great food. Swim in the sea. Chill out. Then, when you?ve mustered the courage, ask out that pretty girl at the restaurant. You won?t regret it.


If you want to party, see some great scenery, and meet people who love to have fun, then make sure you check out Ireland.

Grab a Guinness, visit the brewery, read some Joyce, and party with some Dubliners. Then, when you?re tired and want a break, head out into the country and see some incredible landscapes.

Ireland is an old country with a rich, yet troubled history that yearns to be understood. Take the time to get to know it and it?s an easy country to fall in love with.

As far as dating does, Irish women are wild, passionate, and fun-loving. If that?s your type, don?t be shy, and you?ll have a great time.


As far as Western countries are concerned, Australia is the Mecca of beaches. Not only is it home to incredible, sun-drenched beaches with warm water and great waves, but Australian women are some of the best looking on earth.

It?s a very tourist-friendly place that?s packed to the gunnels with backpackers, but if you?re looking to party, surf, and date, you?d be hard-pressed to find better than Australia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the most beautiful country on the planet. Everywhere you look there?s mountains, forests, beaches – you name it, it?s got it. If you?ve ever watched Lord of the Rings and thought ?I?d like to see all this in real life? then you need to check out New Zealand.

However, it?s not just an excellent place for outdoor adventuring. New Zealanders are laid back and extremely friendly. It?s an easy country to get around, and you?ll make a lot of friends.?Make sure to go to a rugby match while your there, and treat yourself to a steak and cheese pie.

My advice: stick to the South Island. While the North is beautiful, the South has the most incredible sights all within a few miles of one another.

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