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How To Date Older Women

You can seduce an older woman regardless of your age

Older women may have a higher set of expectations when it comes to who they date, but it?s often worth the effort to seduce them.?

Once you know what older women want, you can tailor the interaction to demonstrate these qualities, regardless of your age.?

The benefits of doing so are vast.?

Women with more life experience tend to be more comfortable in the bedroom. This allows them to let go, have a wild time and pull off the kinky moves her younger self might have been too shy to try. A win-win for both parties.?

Why older women might be attracted to younger men

If you?re a younger guy, it might feel like you don?t have as much to offer an older woman. Perhaps you don?t have the spending power or the worldly wisdom of someone her age.?

That doesn?t necessarily mean you have no chance of seducing her.?

You can make up for this lack of resources by demonstrating the attractive traits that older guys are likely to have lost over time.?

For example, an inherent desire for fun and adventure.

This vibe – characterized by youthful energy, making bold moves and not taking oneself too seriously – is seriously infectious. It can help others around you feel that natural enthusiasm for life that young adults tend to exhibit.?

Many older women love to re-experience this. It helps them recapture the spontaneous care-free feelings of their young adulthood.?

If you can make any woman feel this way, it?ll do a lot to make them want to be around you.??

You?lI certainly appear more attractive than the boring older man who has lost his spark, even if that guy has more resources at his disposal.

What to avoid when seducing older women?

Your youthful exuberance will be attractive to most older women, provided it?s not mixed with emotional immaturity.

This immaturity is the main personality trait preventing men from hooking up with older women. This isn?t about making fart jokes or playing too much XBox. It?s about not having the emotional strength needed to look after a fully-grown woman.?

If you?re a younger guy hitting on an older woman, you better believe she?ll be screening to see if you can handle her.?

This will usually come in the form of multiple shit tests about being a ?baby? or ?little boy?, so you?ll have to learn how to stand strong in the face of these.??

Older women will also tend to be less forgiving when they sense a hint of nerves or uncertainty during the seduction. She needs a strong leader, who makes her feel safe and comfortable. She?s probably wasted enough time on immature idiots.?

Nevertheless, if you remain grounded and assured in your approach, while also demonstrating that natural zest for life, there?s little stopping you from taking a beautiful older woman home.?

Satisfying older women in the bedroom

A commonly-mentioned reason to date older women is that they tend to be more comfortable with their sexuality.?

Once they?ve determined you?re a suitable prospect, it?s far from uncommon for them to pull you home. A lot of these cougars are ruthless predators.??

What?s more, they tend to have less hang-ups when expressing their pleasure or asking for the kinky moves that truly gets them off. Sex with older women can be a blast!?

The other side to this is: they tend to have higher expectations in the bedroom.?

These women know what good sex looks like, and they?re less likely to settle for a second-rate performance.??

If your foreplay is below par or you perform like a one-pump chump, she?ll often let you know.?

Your best bet is to pull out all your greatest hits, then take her with the energy and vigor that only a younger man could show. If you?ve got the strength and stamina to hammer her like a pneumatic drill, that?ll score you a lot of points. If you can go for several rounds in one night, even better. Most likely, her older lovers didn?t have that in their locker.

At the same time, remain open to receiving pointers. The chances are: she?s picked up a few moves over the years and is willing to show you. In fact, a lot of older women have developed the confidence to take charge and dominate in the bedroom. If you?ve found one of them, don?t be afraid to let her strut her stuff. You could learn a lot…

How to date older women successfully

Most of the basic seduction principles still apply when trying to date older women.?

It?s often suggested that you need to show more values of a ?provider?, as women tend to be keener to start a family once they hit 30.

For some older women, this may be true. Yet, their attraction to naturally masculine values doesn?t just disappear. Their desire for great sex with a champion of a man doesn?t vanish. Plus, a lot of divorced older women are looking to recapture the fun and adventure of their young single days.

The main difference between seducing older women in this category is that they?re less forgiving of weakness. You?ll need to ensure your self-esteem and assertiveness is on point.?

If you can do this, a lot of these older women will be able to show you one hell of a good time.?

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