Overseas Dating: Is It Better?

Dating a woman for another country is easier to arrange these days, but is it better?

If you’ve struggled to find happiness dating women from your own country, you may have already considered trying your luck overseas.

After all, overseas dating has become a lot simpler. International travel has never been more affordable, and the internet has made it easy to communicate with gorgeous foreign women. In fact, there is a wealth of online dating websites dedicated to women from specific countries who are looking to meet Western men.?

The question is: is overseas dating better?

While the answer will always be subjective based on what you’re looking for in a relationship, this article aims to explore the main pros and cons of searching for a partner in a different country.

Reasons you may want to try overseas dating

Here are the most commonly-shared arguments I have seen for dating women from Eastern Europe, Asia or South America in particular.

That?s not to say all women in these parts of the world boast these traits, nor that they can?t be found in the West or other parts of the globe.?

These are simply general themes that have been shared by various male writers arguing their case for overseas dating.?


It?s commonly argued that the feminism movement has depolarised the genders in the United States and other parts of the Western world.?

The modern Western woman is less likely to let her man take charge of decisions in their household. She?s living in a society where there is a war against men. The underlying message is that men who take charge are ?toxic?, and being led by a man is ?weak?. Women are being told that they need to step up and take control. Women and the media aren?t fully to blame for this societal narrative. There is an argument that women do need to step up, because the latest generation of men are weaker and less masculine.?

Either way, women in other parts of the world have retained their femininity. In Eastern Europe, Asia and South America especially, the fairer sex are mostly still seeking relationships with traditional gender roles. If you?re seeking this sort of relationship, you might have more choice outside of the West.?


It would be subjective to suggest whether specific countries have more beautiful women on average.?

However, it is an undeniable trend in the countries where women tend to be more feminine that they tend to place more focus on beauty. You?ll see a lot more women dolled up to the nines in the middle of the day in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia or wealthier Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, compared to the West.?

We can also explore the obesity rate in the United States, which is 42.4% according to the latest statistics, with women almost just as likely as men to be obese. Other Western ?superpowers? where feminism is arguably most rife, such as the United Kingdom (28.7%) or Canada (26.8%), have obesity rates far higher than the global average of 13%.

So, if you like your women to be in shape and present themselves well, you might find more choice outside the West.?

You might also find that attractive women in countries where beauty is more abundant are less likely to have developed an ego about it, as they?re not as ?special? compared to the average woman in their home town. If you like your women to not be bitchy, entitled and demanding, you might find more choice outside the West.??

Your perceived status

There are certain parts of the world where demand for Western men is far higher than in the West. You can see this for yourself by investing in Tinder Gold, setting your location to one of these countries, and making notes of your success compared to your home country.?

A common explanation for this trend is the assumption among local women that Western men are wealthier than the average man in her country. This isn’t something that either party may be keen to readily admit, and so it’s hard to prove.?

If true, this creates the potential dilemma of a woman only loving you for your money, or your ticket to U.S citizenship. (More on this below?)?

Nevertheless, you can still use this perceived status to get your foot in the door with the nation’s hottest women, then (hopefully) win them over with your personality.??

Reasons to avoid overseas dating?

Again, these are general themes. If you can find a foreign woman who presents none of these hurdles, more power to you.

You want to stay in your home country

There are plenty of reasons you might not want to move overseas. Perhaps you have built a great life for yourself in your home country. Maybe you have a brilliant career, family or friends where you are.

In this situation, finding a woman overseas and moving her to your country can be far too much hassle.?

First off, you?ll need to spend enough time together to get a solid idea of each other?s personalities, enough to both be sold on the idea of immigration (and no, time spent chatting online really shouldn?t count towards this). Then, you?ll need to bypass the legal hurdles, which may well mean getting married.?

Even then, there?s no guarantee she?ll settle well into your country. Also, if she does settle well, there?s every chance she?ll eventually develop the Western values you were specifically hoping to avoid. As Jim Rohn famously said: ?We become the average of the five people we spend most time with.??

Cultural differences

It?s arguably easier to get along with partners who we share cultural values with. In this case, you?re more likely to have similar goals for the future and ideas about how to raise a family.

Bear in mind that different nations have different ideas about sex and dating. Some cultures are extremely conservative when it comes to pre-marital sex, public displays of affection and family values. Do your research.?

The smaller differences can take their toll too. When you?re dating overseas, it can be harder to find someone who shares the same hobbies, sense of humor, taste in media or tastes in food.?

If you want children, are you happy for them to be mixed-race and most likely with two sets of cultural values?

Do they truly love you for you?

If she?s from a third-world country and you?re far wealthier than her, it may well play on your mind that she only loves the lifestyle you provide.

Perhaps you don?t care. The sugar daddy scene appears to be growing faster than ever, after all. Yet, you only need to look at the hilarious trainwreck relationships on TLC?s hit reality show ?90 Day Fiance? to get an insight into the tremendous problems this can cause.?

Is overseas dating better?

Ultimately, this really is a question you can only answer once you test it out for yourself. Hopefully, this guide will give you enough knowledge to decide whether it?s worth a try.??


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