The War Against Men – And How To Win It

This war will claim you as a victim unless you fight back?

There is a war against masculinity taking place in the West, and it’ll ruin your life if you allow it.?

A culture that once valued strong powerful men now vilifies them. The modern man is being taught to be a soft effeminate pussy.

As with any cultural propaganda, it begins through the media. Then, it’s consumed and shared by society at large. Politicians, corporate leaders, teachers, friends, family members and the women we try to date. All can have a tremendous influence on our thoughts and beliefs.?

This would be fine if it was a message that benefits men’s lives.?

Yet, the idea that you should forego masculine traits such as assertiveness, competitiveness, dominance or leadership will always be harmful.??

The importance of sexual polarity

Sexual polarity is a term used to describe the polar opposites that are masculine and feminine energy.

energy is defined by strength, focus, competition, decisiveness, aggression and groundedness.

Feminine energy is characterized by flow, love, openness, sensitivity, vulnerability and sensuality.?

Sexual attraction only forms when a masculine being meets a feminine partner. If both parties carry the same energy, they are repelled. There’s no avoiding this. It’s no different to magnetic poles.

This is why women are turned off by approach anxiety or timid attempts to win their attention. It’s why they’re put off when they have to make decisions for date night. It’s why they’re repulsed when a man submits to her shit tests or falls in love with them too quickly.?

They may say they want a sensitive man who shares his emotions. They may claim they want equal responsibility for decisions in a relationship.?This is partly due to the feminist agenda being force-fed to them, but biology is stronger than media programming.?

What happens when you show submissiveness, hypersensitivity or indecisiveness during the courtship process? More often than not, the interaction becomes depolarized, attraction fades and you never hear from that woman again. Depolarization is often a huge factor in the break-up of long-term relationships too.?

If you want the attract the feminine women you desire, you need to maintain a masculine frame.?

Masculinity and success

It’s not just women who lose respect for men who fail to show traditionally masculine qualities.?

What happens if you fail to show assertiveness, decisiveness, focus or groundedness in the business world? You lose the trust of those around you. You lose the sale. You miss out on the promotion. You fail to inspire or control your employees.

It’s not just men who can succeed in business. Women can be fantastic leaders too. But they do so by demonstrating traits traditionally associated with masculinity.?

By adopting the beta-male persona that’s being pushed on men, you lose opportunities to succeed and thrive in your career.

How to win the war against men

The first step to winning the war against men is to be aware of the methods being used to manipulate you away from masculinity.??

Here are some ideas that have been shared through the media in recent times.

  • Male movie protagonists. Romantic comedies have always starred useless bumbling male protagonists who somehow get the girl. Think Hugh Grant in any film he’s ever starred in. Yet, in recent years, it seems that hyper-masculine protagonists are drying up. Previous generations had Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger to look up to. Now we get the likes of Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. Even the modern-day version of James Bond seems far more emotional and indecisive than previous iterations. There’s even a scene in Skyfall which hints at Bond’s homosexual tendencies. You’d be a fool to think that there isn’t isn’t an agenda behind this shift in Hollywood.?
  • Male representation in TV. Modern male protagonists are no more impressive in TV than they are in film. Among the longest-running U.S TV series’ are The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory. Then, there were hugely popular sitcoms such as Friends or How I Met Your Mother, who romanticize sensitive male leads like Ross Geller, Chandler Bing and Ted Moseby, while making laughing stocks out of ‘players’ like Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson. Also, keep an eye out for how males are portrayed in TV adverts. Unless it’s a hyper-masculine product being advertised, males are nearly always portrayed as bumbling fools. Then, of course, there was the infamous Gillette ‘Best A Man Can Be’ campaign, which men were woke enough to backlash against in their droves.??
  • Male role models in music. The innocent vulnerable highly-feminized male pop singer is nothing new. But nowadays even rappers are wearing skirts on stage.
  • Sexual harassment. The #MeToo scandal shone a light on sexual harassment in the workplace. It has led to an huge increase of sexual harassment reports. If this is due to an increase in the bravery of women who have been seriously abused. However, there are signs that this increase is due to the broadening of what women have been told now constitutes harassment. For example, we now have a workforce where 60% of male managers are uncomfortable mentoring, socializing or even being left alone with females in the workplace.?

How to win the war against men

Perhaps your eyes are beginning to open wider upon society’s all-out war against masculinity. It has been incredibly successful already. Most modern men are weak, sloppy, helpless and accepting of the new role society has placed upon them.?

That means those who disregard it can dominate in dating and business with more ease than ever before.?

Here are some ideas that will help you to quickly skyrocket above the modern-day beta-males littering today’s Western world.?

  • Make your own decisions. Society conditions us to behave a certain way, but it’s our choice whether to accept this conditioning. It’s up to you to develop the mental strength to make your own decisions about what is right and wrong.?
  • Lift weights.? Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to increase your testosterone – the primary male sex hormone. Boosting your testosterone levels is one of the easiest ways to naturally increase masculine traits within your behavior.
  • Fix your diet.?The side-effects of long-term soy consumption include decreased libido, decreased sperm count and a huge increase in estrogen.?Yet, there is more soy pumped into modern food than ever before. Could this be part of the war against men? Either way, remove as much as soy as you can from your diet. Give up booze while you’re at it. You’ll be alarmed when you discover how much estrogen is found in beer. In fact, a clean diet in general will help give you the energy needed to dominate in the fields of health, wealth and relationships.????
  • Quit porn. The long-term psychological effects of porn consumption are widely debated. However, it’s widely believed that masturbating to porn robs men of their fighting spirit and self-esteem. Perhaps you’ve experienced the feelings of post-fap guilt, shame and helplessness. Read up on the alleged benefits of NoFap and decide for yourself whether this could help you.??
  • Approach women in real life. Most millennials and Generation Z members don’t have the social acuity of previous generations. They don’t have to experience the potential awkwardness of approaching and starting conversations with new people, because most relationships are now fostered online. Whereas previous generations of men had to overcome approach anxiety to ever find a woman, today’s youngsters can become over-reliant on online dating. This inevitably leads to them being unable to show assertiveness, decisiveness and confidence in front of women. Buck the trend by dedicating time to approaching women in real life too.?

The greater good

By taking steps to boost your masculinity instead of hiding it, you’re not only providing yourself a better life, you’re benefiting society as a whole.?

The women in your neighborhood don’t want to end up in a depolarized relationship. The next generation of boys don’t want to be raised without positive male role models. The next generation of employees don’t want to be led by flimsy indecisive bosses. The only people that want this are those at the very top. Those who make the decisions about the propaganda fed to the masses. By feminizing men, they can retain power with little risk of being challenged or overthrown.

Rather than serving their agenda, serve yourself and society as a whole. Play your part in making men great again.?

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