6 Ways To Get More Responses On Online Dating 

It?s possible to find a great woman using online dating apps if you use them properly?

Are you struggling to get matches on Tinder??

Perhaps your messages are being ignored on a host of online dating websites???

Maybe you?ve come to the conclusion that online dating ?doesn?t work for you? and you?ve given up on it altogether?

However, the main reason that online dating websites ?don?t work? for a lot of men is that they?re not using them effectively.?

Most guys are typically making a couple of huge errors that cause women to discard them before the conversation even begins.?

How to get more responses on online dating

In this article, we?ll highlight six of the most common online dating errors made by men, and suggest the quick fixes you can make to get more responses.

1. Invest in a professional photographer

Photos are the most important aspect of your online dating profile. The PR teams of Tinder, OkCupid, Match and others have all said it themselves.

Yet, so many men still put no effort into their photos.?

Instead, their profile is littered with blurry images, bad lighting, uncomfortable poses and unflattering angles. What?s more, most guys? photos are boring as hell (more on that later).?

If your profile has bad photos, it won?t matter what you?ve written in your bio. You?ll be rejected before she?s even read it. ?

If you want to stand out from the ocean of average dudes, invest in a professional photographer for your online dating photographs today.?

A professional will snap some eye-catching high-resolution photos of you, without any of the compositional flaws listed above.?

These photos will create an aura of high status that makes a woman stop and take notice of your profile.?

2. Include photos that show your personality

Your photos should create an instant impression of who you are, and what it would be like to date you.?

If you have a hobby or passion, include a photo of you doing it. Cute pets should also definitely be included, if you have them.

It?s good to include a couple of fun group shots, although you should be the main focus of these.

By painting this picture of your life, you give a woman reasons to prefer you over every other guy. It also makes it easier for her to message first when there are interesting things in your photos for her to comment on.?

Don?t be the guy that only uploads one photo, nor the dude who only has photos of himself standing alone in some generic location.

Your goal is to immediately come across as a fun, outgoing, active guy. Not a boring loner.??

3. Fill out your bio properly

Your bio should also be used to help paint that picture of who you are.

It may be true that writing too much makes you look too desperate to find someone, but barely writing a word does nothing to separate you from everyone else.??

Aim to communicate your strengths in as few words as possible, with a sprinkling of originality and humor on top. This guide on writing amazing Tinder bios should help.?

4. Eliminate all red flags

Your best bet is to eliminate any photos that are remotely polarizing. Obvious red flags include guns, drugs, wild animals, ex-partners, drunk party photos, mirror selfies, children and topless pictures (unless it?s a candid shot and you?re ripped).

Now you?ve done that, remove all spelling errors, negativity and overly sexual remarks from your bio.

Finally, have a female friend screen your profile for anything else that might scare women off.?

This process might seem extreme, but many women are actively screening your profile looking for reasons to discount you, such is their abundance of choice with online dating.?

5. Think of some original openers

The amount of men who open with a variant of ?Hi?, ?How?s it going?? or ?You are beautiful? is mind-blowing.

Perhaps they?re adopting a copy-and-paste approach to maximise their chances of a response from someone without too much time invested.?

Yes, it takes time to analyze a woman?s profile and think of a unique opening line, especially if her profile isn?t interesting or unique at all.??

However, it?s more time-efficient to do this. You?ll get more responses this way.?

A great online dating opener creates some intrigue without giving too much power away.?

Consider making an assumption about her personality, based on her photos. If you?re pressed for time, you can create templates of two or three assumptions.?

Even if her profile gives no clues about her personality, you can still make a wild guess. Usually, she?ll tell you whether you?re right and/or ask what made you think that. Now, you?re in a conversation!?

6. Use better online dating websites

Make sure you?re using an online dating website that is well-populated with women. No matter where you are in the world, you won?t go wrong with Tinder in 2020.?

In the United States, Bumble and Hinge are also currently very popular. There really is no good excuse to be using some weird niche dating website instead of these.?

Bonus tip: quickly transition to social media

Many guys are able to consistently attract an initial response from women, only for the conversation to fizzle out before a date is arranged.

A great way to stop this happening is to move the conversation onto social media as quickly as possible.

This allows you to send pictures, videos and voice notes, make video calls and view each other?s posts.

Often, if she?s interested in you, she?ll reply to your ?stories? without any prompt for you.

By transitioning to social media, she is able to see you as more of a human, rather than simply the next ?face on a screen?. Do it whenever she begins to show interest in potentially meeting you.?

As of 2020, Instagram is by far the most popular social media app among beautiful women, so you should be focusing energy on making your Instagram profile as attractive as possible.??

These tips will give you the best chance of standing out?

Online dating is far from a flawless tool for attracting women. The fairer sex will always have an abundance of options on these platforms, meaning it can be difficult for you to stand out.??

Nevertheless, by adopting the tips above, you can expect to attract a lot more responses from women than you?re currently receiving.??

Happy swiping!??

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