How To Slide In The DMs

Connect with new women through Instagram and other social media websites

Sliding in the DMs of Instagram models isn?t as impossible as everyone says.

You can get these stunning women to respond and meet you for a date, if you message them the right way.?

It?s not just about the type of message you send though. There are a few other things to bear in mind???

Read on to discover an incredibly effective method for sliding in a woman?s DMs.

How to inspire her to follow you or message you first

If you can inspire her to follow you or message you first, this whole task will be a lot easier.?

When she completes either of these actions, your first messages will pop up in her primary inbox -? and she’ll get a notification of it.?

Without a follow or a previous message sent by her, you’ll appear in her ‘Message Requests’ inbox – where it’s far more likely to be drowned out by hundreds of messages from other guys she has never met.?

That’s why before you slide in that hottie?s DMs, it’s recommended to complete the following actions…

Create an attractive profile

This profile should instantly communicate that you’re a fun guy with an active lifestyle and (even better) indicate that you have something valuable to offer her. Perhaps you’re a photographer, nightclub promoter, fashion show organiser. Maybe you’re incredibly wealthy! These are a few examples of valuable traits that would catch the attention of a beautiful young woman.?

If you don?t have any of these things yourself, maybe you can make a connection with someone who does. Whatever value you’re planning to offer, your bio and main feed needs to communicate this instantly.

If you have a ‘normal’ profile packed with pictures of you hanging out with your buddies, this strategy is far less likely to work (unless you’re incredibly attractive).

Comment on her pictures and stories

Don’t leave thirsty comments. You need to stand out from all the simps doing that. Instead, leave useful comments. Perhaps you?ll share some travel tips about whatever location she has tagged herself in. Maybe you’re making genuine comments on how and where to make better photos in that location. It could be that you’re answering the questions she asks in her caption.

Ideally, these comments are helping to communicate whatever value you’re offering. So, a photographer would know the best place to shoot photos nearby, a promoter would know the best places to party etc.

You can reply to her stories too, although this is less likely to be noticed.?

Either way, don’t ask her to DM or follow you until she responds to a comment.??

Follow her

She’ll be notified of this, which could inspire her to check out your profile and follow back.?

This is most effective when she has already responded to your comment(s).?

What message to send when sliding in the DMs

Yes, there are probably hundreds of opening messages that have successfully caught a woman?s attention. (The more value your profile shows, the less effort you have to put into your opening message).?

Still, it?s most highly recommended to lead with whatever value you have decided to offer. You?re not the type of guy who has time to mess around with smalltalk, especially if you?re planning to connect with hundreds of IG models at the same time.

And yes, you should be planning to do this. Stack the odds in your favor.

Make a video message inviting each model to an event that showcases your value. If you?re a photographer, it?s a photoshoot. If you?re a promoter, it?s an exclusive party. Now, blast it to all the women who have followed you back.

Keep the message short and simple. Explain who you are, what the event is and that you?d like like to invite her. Tell her to DM you if she wants to come.??

Video messages are great, because they can showcase your confidence and inspire trust far better than words on the screen. Consider shooting the video in a picturesque location and (if you have time) make a separate video for each woman including her first name.

If they reply, transition to WhatsApp, Telegram or another messaging app where they only talk to people they know. Now you?ve separated yourself from every other desperate DM slider.??

What to do at your event

You?ll need to run a fun and professional event, but you want to be the life of the party too. Make a personal connection with all the women. Let them see that you?re the boss of this environment and that everyone answers to you. This is incredibly attractive and will surely leave a lasting impression on these women.?

Maybe you won?t even flirt too aggressively with any of them at this event. But if you?ve done a great job of presenting yourself as a leader with tons of social proof, you can bet a lot of these women will be throwing themselves at you, even if you have to wait another day to date them one-on-one.

Make sure to take plenty of photos at your event and add them to your Instagram profile to prove you?re the real deal. Now, when you throw your next event, it will be even easier to attract even more gorgeous women to come along.??

This might seem like a lot of effort on the front end, but once you get the ball rolling, you?re going to have so many amazing women becoming desperate to hang out with you. Social proof is a powerful attraction trigger – and you?re going to have a ton of it.??

Also, if you want to attract gorgeous IG models with thousands of followers into your life, you have to present some sort of value that?s relevant to them. There?s no other way to do it that?s anywhere near as effective.?

If you?re new to the idea of meeting women through social media, you can learn the basics in our extensive guide on how to attract women using Instagram.

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