How To Build Social Proof

Social proof will help you attract will best women into your life

Social proof is commonly listed among the most powerful attraction triggers.?

Most women are more open to dating guys who have already been vetted by their friends (or even just by other women).?

Plus, when you have loads of cool friends, that’s a clear sign that you have a cool life that women would want to be part of.?

But it runs deeper?

If you’re trying to date a truly high-quality woman, social proof is a must-have. You won?t even be able to meet the hottest models/actresses/celebrities in your city if you don?t have the connections to get into the same venues as them. As a general rule, the higher a woman?s status, the less likely she is to date outside of her circle.

This article explains how to build enough social proof to impress the high-status hotties in your city. However, the truth is: popularity isn?t always enough to build attraction with these women. You?ll also need to display it without telling her about it. When you boast about your awesome life, it often appears too try-hard and ruins your chances with women.??

Ultimately, she needs to see it for herself. Back in the day, this meant you’d need to roll up to the club with an entourage of attractive female friends – or make an effort to befriend the staff, skip the line and be swiftly ushered into VIP. Nowadays, you can display social proof with more ease using social media.

Read on for a detailed guide on building social proof in 2019 and beyond.?

Social circle game: how to build an epic social circle?

As cold and superficial as it sounds, building a social circle is about offering people something they want. Often, that might just be a ?good friend?. Most people will be open to hanging out with a guy who offers fun and good vibes, especially if he invites them to cool events. However, hot women and high-status guys tend to already have good friends and a bustling social calendar. These individuals might only have the time to attend truly awesome events. You?ll learn how to set these up later??

First, go and make friends with 4-5 attractive women. This should be enough to spark your social circle game into life. Run your normal game on these women so they can see how much fun you are, but remove all romantic intent. This is strictly friendship. Hooking up adds unnecessary complications. You could lose your friend and the opportunity to hook up with all her friends.?

These women are the Garden of Eden?s forbidden fruit. Add them on your social media. Get to know them. Build an emotional connection. Do their grocery shopping if you have to. Whatever it takes for them to truly treasure your friendship.

By all means, head out to party with them and enjoy all the benefits of being the dude with social proof in the club. Have these girls invite their girlfriends and hook up with them – or befriend them so your social circle grows even bigger. Nights out with a huge group of girls can be an absolute blast, especially when they?re serving you new conquests on a platter.??

Note: If you?re always rolling with beautiful women, you?ll have no problem convincing guys to come to your events. If they?re cool, they?ll return the favour and invite you to epic parties.?

Using social media to build social proof

When you?re out having fun with your friends, take plenty of photos and videos for your social media profiles. Instagram is the most popular among young women in 2019, so you?ll want to build your presence there.??

This allows you to show off your social proof, even when you?re not surrounded by hoards of gorgeous women.??

Now, when you?re running normal game, make sure to swap Instagram details instead of phone numbers. When she sees your profile, she?ll immediately notice how fun and popular you are, without you having to say a word about it. Our guide on How to Get Girls Using Instagram includes a detailed guide on how to do this effectively.???

Maximising your social proof with container events

To maximise your social proof, it?s best to start throwing your own ?container events?. This doesn?t have to be a full-blown party with tons of alcohol, but it does have to be an event that loads of young women and cool guys will want to attend. A party is your safe bet ;).

Container events are an opportunity for your social circle to all get together. Invite your 4-5 ?besties? and have them invite their friends. Take tons of awesome photos for your social media, so all the new people you meet can see how brilliant your events are.?

The better your event looks on social media, the easier it will be to convince people to get to know you, or to come to the next one. Build it bigger and better. The social proof of rolling with beautiful women multiplies endlessly when you host the party. Before long, you could have all the hotties and high-status men wanting to come along.?

Container events are also extremely useful for building a deeper relationship with the girls who aren?t quite ?sold? on you. The social proof displayed on your Instagram will often be enough to ?sell? you as a guy worth dating. At the very least, they may want to come to the awesome events they saw on your profile.?

Here, they?ll see your popularity for themselves. It?ll turn a lot of them on. Social proof really is one of the most powerful attraction triggers. It?s not too much of an exaggeration to say you?ll have the pick of the girls if you throw these parties properly.?

Once your container events grow popular enough, it becomes unnecessary to ?build attraction? when cold-approaching women. At this point, it?s more effective to be super-friendly, swap social media details and let your profile do the attraction-building for you.?

When to use social circle game

Social circle game can be a particularly method of attracting women from college, work, the gym or anywhere where you?re likely to regularly bump into the same people.

In these types of places, it can be risky running direct game, in case you mess up and gain a lasting reputation as a straight-up creep. The intelligent option is to add these people into your social circle and hook up with their friends using the strategy detailed above.

Ultimately though, using social proof to your advantage always makes sense. It?s fun, it makes life easier and it allows women to fall for you much quicker.?

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