How To Be Passionate

The most addictive ingredient of the male personality?

Passion is one of the most universally attractive personality traits.?

In fact, it?s addictive.?

It draws people towards you like a magnet and they won?t want to let go.?

Better yet, beautiful women are the most likely to be sucked in.?

This should excite you because you?re probably passionate about something. Sports. Music. Self-development. Baklava pancakes!?

It doesn?t really matter what your passion is.?

When you?re passionate about anything, people become passionate about you.

The problem is: most guys are useless at showcasing their passion.?

They restrain themselves. They wrongly assume that people won?t like their passion, or to hear them speak about anything with too much enthusiasm. So, they adopt a safer watered-down ?chill? modest persona.?

When you play it safe like this, people don?t become hooked on your every word. They assume you?re just another average guy.?

If it?s a hot woman at the bar, she typically tires of you within minutes.?

She leaves, never to return and learn what a jaw-droppingly unique human soul you are.??

And it?s your fault.?

Still, if you can learn to emanate passion in everything you do, you can attract an army of women doting on your every word.?

What?s more, this skill isn?t too difficult to master.?

How to find your passion

You don?t need to have found your life?s purpose to be a passionate person, but it definitely helps.

When you have that exciting reason to get out of bed in the morning, you?ll tend to walk through life with more positivity and enthusiasm. Some people call it a zest for life. Others can sense that within you and it?s infectious. People want to be around that energy.

If you haven?t found that ?one thing? yet, go try a bunch of new things. Meet a ton of new people, visit new places, experience new cultures.

Eventually, you?ll find something that speaks to your heart. Something that fulfils you. Something you?d happily do every day without getting paid.?

Once you?ve found it, work out how you can live your passion every day. Create a plan to make it happen. Perhaps it?ll take years to fulfil, but the journey is part of the fun.

Go all in on your passion. This will help you to attract women, even if you have less time to meet them.?

Women love ambitious men. Even if they want to be the number one person in your life, they never want to be the number one thing.??

When you have a life purpose that?s more important than landing a hot date, you?ll naturally avoid all the needy behaviors that repel women. You?ll be less likely to text too often. You?ll have no interest in her mind games. You won?t care if she doesn?t text back. It?s at this point that women will start to chase you.?

You already have the ability to speak passionately

As a child, you could probably speak with unlimited passion about your favorite cuddly toy or not wanting to take a bath.?

As an adult, you?re more intelligent and articulate, but you?ve probably also developed harmful mental blocks. These blocks urge you to keep your passion to yourself. Keep quiet, play it safe, fit in.????

When you feel unable to speak at full volume or express your opinions without filters, it?s due to fear.

On some level, you don?t want to be overheard. You worry that being too loud or too expressive will have consequences. You think communicating like an absolute BOSS will get you targeted by the real alpha-males of the group.

In reality, when you behave like a leader, people (and women in particular) will treat you like one.

The best way to fight past these blocks is to witness what happens when you do speak with passion.

Notice how people become more interested in you. They clamor for your attention. They want to hang out more. You crown yourself as the most interesting person in the environment, no matter where you are or what you?re talking about.?

It?s a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you communicate as if people will love what you have to say, they will. If you?re not passionate about your own words, no-one else will be.?

If you regularly approach women in bars, you?ll learn this lesson again and again. You?ll notice you pull women home when you act assertively and speak with conviction. Meanwhile, on the nights you?re unsure of yourself, no-one even wants to talk to you.?

Go out enough and you?ll train yourself to realise these filters aren?t serving you. Hopefully, this will inspire you to drop them for good.???

Sadly, it?s easier said than done. If you?re introverted or socially anxious, you may have to slowly build yourself up to communicating with full passion.?

How to speak more passionately

Whether you?re shy or not, you can use these techniques to instantly come across as more passionate in your communications.

  • Exaggeration. Stop sitting on the fence. Choose a strong opinion. Tell people why you LOVED or HATED something. Why was an experience AMAZING or TERRIBLE? When someone asks how you?re doing, tell them ?absolutely incredible? and watch them light up. This small sprinkle of passion in your response makes them instantly more engaged.
  • Focus on emotions. Boring stories focus on facts and logic. When you tell one, focus on how it made you feel. How were the other people in your story feeling? Ask your audience how they would have felt?
  • Speak with conviction. Have faith that your words are important and interesting. Remember, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think it?s interesting, other people will, so there?s no reason to doubt yourself. On top of that, eliminate unassertive words like ?maybe?, ?might? or ?perhaps?. They?re usually unnecessary.? ?
  • Use your body. Use eye contact to engage your audience. Use your arms to illustrate your points. Conviction is key here too.
  • Vary your voice. You don?t have to yell to show you?re passionate. Slow, purposeful speaking can be just as effective. Either way, varying the volume, pace and tone of your voice is a great way to hold people?s attention.

When discussing a topic you?re genuinely passionate about, you might follow these steps naturally.

But you can use them to spice up any conversation!

Try it and see for yourself. Tell people about your commute to work or what happened when you took out the trash. Watch how they still find your stories to be oddly compelling.?

Soon, you?ll see it?s the cadence – not the content – that makes something interesting.??

Once you realize this, you?ll never have a reason to ?run out of things to say? again, because you now know how to make anything sound exciting.?

Why do women love passionate men??

Men experience attraction visually, but women experience it emotionally.?

You could tick all the logical boxes of a perfect boyfriend, but if you don?t press her emotional buttons, she won?t be excited to date you.??

Communicating with passion is mostly about adding emotion to your words, and that?s why women love it.?

It explains why women go nuts for talented musicians, artists or performers (even when they?re broke). The social proof from being the star of a show definitely helps, but the passion they put into their work is the killshot.?

Passion is a clear indicator of ambition, which is another attractive quality because it signals a willingness to work hard for success. Perhaps a wealthy future is on the way.?

There?s a sexual element at play too.?

If you?re a passionate speaker, you?re most likely a passionate lover.

When you can let go and fully express yourself conversationally, a woman can picture you doing that in the bedroom too. And that?s what leads to amazing sex.??

But if you?re timid and reserved on the date, she has no reason to be excited about sleeping with you.?

So, don?t hold back from sharing your passions with a woman, or from using these tips to make your conversations more passionate.

Unload your passion relentlessly on her! She?ll love it, and you could well be unloading something else soon after.??

How to develop a passion for life

Perhaps you think it?s stupid to pretend that everything is incredible or to thrill people with stories you don?t actually find exciting.?

Indeed, if you don?t truly believe in the awesomeness of your words, it can sometimes come across as fake and try-hard to present them so passionately.???

So, how can we learn to actually be enthused by our day-to-day lives, and naturally enthrall? people with our stories??

  • Prioritize your health. If you?re tired, groggy or in pain, it?s a lot harder to be excited about the day ahead, no matter what you have planned. Any enthusiasm you do show will feel forced. So eat well, sleep well and exercise. It?ll make a world of difference to the energy you present people.????
  • Practice gratitude. Humans tend to take amazing things in their life for granted, especially once they?ve had them for a while. By writing a daily list of 5-10 things you?re grateful for, you can train yourself to appreciate everything that?s going well for you.?
  • Slow down. Instead of always rushing to complete a hectic schedule of daily tasks, make time to enjoy the world around you. Stop and smell the roses, as they say. You?ll be calmer, more present and more attuned to the wonders of day-to-day life.
  • Meditate. The average person is so lost in their thoughts that they can?t even truly enjoy leisure time with their best friends. They?re there in body, but not in spirit. A daily meditation practice can teach you to empty your mind, so you can actually focus and enjoy whatever?s happening in the present moment.
  • Find and work towards living your ?purpose?. As mentioned earlier, this journey does so much to increase your zest for life.
  • Change your daily routine. It?s harder to maintain a childlike enthusiasm for life once you start going to the same job, seeing the same friends and doing the same leisure activities. So, make an effort to change things up! Try new hobbies. Visit new places. Meet new people! Sure, it?s intimidating to do this, but the best things in life are outside your comfort zone.?

You may know a few people who seem to have a constant passion for life. Most likely, you want to spend a lot of time with them, as their attitude seems to make you more enthusiastic too.??

These super-likeable people probably engage in most of the activities mentioned in this list. If you do the same, you too can become that fun passionate person who everyone wants to be around.

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