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    Fear + Survival = Confidence

    img Posted February 21, 2013

    The more you do something the more confident you become in it the better you get at it and the better you feel. Confidence is important because it allows you to make decisions and ...


    Fast Forward and Rewind Her Into Your Bed

    img Posted February 13, 2013

    Jon Sinn back with part two of my article on Sexual Teasing. In part one of the article which you can read here I talked about what the 3 most important types of sexual teasing wer ...


    Using Sexual Teasing to Make Her Smile… and Go Home with You

    img Posted February 6, 2013

    Jon Sinn back with some awesome girl getting ideas that are going to help you get hotter girls into your bed. In this two part article I want to break down a couple different ty ...


    The Secret to Making Her Blind with Lust for You

    img Posted December 27, 2012

    In our previous 3 articles we?ve looked at how to set sexual frames the following ways: ? Sexual Story-Telling. This is where you tell either metaphor stories or grounding stori ...


    Using Cold Reads to Get an EASY Lay

    img Posted December 20, 2012

    In the last article I wrote about using sexual story telling to set sexual frames and the two types of stories you need to master in order to set those sexual frames. Today I wa ...


    How to Be a Pro “Hot-Chick Fisherman”

    img Posted December 12, 2012

    Welcome back to my series of the 4 ways of setting sexual frames. In the previous two articles I?ve looked at how to set sexual frames using sexual story-telling and cold reading. ...

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