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Must-Read: How to Eat Properly

img Posted December 11, 2013

You’re driving down the street and you realize that your gas tank is just about empty. So, you make a quick little detour into the nearest gas station, and they have three options for you. First, there’s pure, unadulterated, perfectly-honed gasoline. Next up, is a whole bunch of oil. And third, is a ton of

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Must-Read: Food That Boosts Your Metabolism

img Posted December 4, 2013

Remember when you were in junior high, or high school, and you were able to pretty much eat whatever the hell you wanted without feeling any kinds of weight repercussions? Felt like ending your day with a few burgers at Wendy’s, or a bunch of grilled cheese, or even go through a bunch of beer

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Must-Read: A Pre-Thankgiving Sex Tip

img Posted November 27, 2013

Let’s be honest here: No one is going to get laid tomorrow night. At least, if they’re going to get laid, it’s going to be disgusting and full of drunken hookups and a whole lot of gas and indigestion from that night’s massive blowout feast. That’s just the way it is on Thanksgivings. But that

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Must-Read: Christmas Gifts For Your Gal

img Posted November 25, 2013

So, with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, it’s time to start getting serious about Christmas. If you don’t have a girlfriend, great! Then you don’t have to worry too much about shopping this year. If you’re dating someone but aren’t entirely sure where it’s going, well, then things are complex and this is one of

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Must-Read: Healthy Snack Options

img Posted November 22, 2013

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a diet before, you know the feeling. You’re sitting there, and the diet is one of those where you can only eat a few scant meals throughout the day. Yet, your stomach has not yet adjusted to this new way of living, so it understands that you’ve

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Must-Read: Hot Extreme Athletes

img Posted November 20, 2013

One of the things that we will never understand in the world of jock culture, or bro-ism, or machismo, is the group of guys out there who think that girls are not inherently as tough as guys are. That is a statement that has no bearing in truth and is simply a sexist thing to

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Must-Read: The Worst Ingredients In Things

img Posted November 18, 2013

When we were little, someone once mentioned that seaweed was in toothpaste. We didn’t brush our teeth for a few weeks because we couldn’t understand why some gross thing at the bottom of the sea was doing in toothpaste. Now, since, we understand that seaweed really isn’t all that bad for you. (In fact, it’s

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Must-Read: Tell Yourself You’re Not Tired

img Posted November 15, 2013

We’ve spoken a lot here about the importance of sleep. That, without sleep, you may not really be able to get through a whole lot of what you want to get done because your brain will be so focused simply on it being so exhausted from not sleeping. And we’ve also talked in these parts

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