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    Must-Read: Learn What the Six Sixes Are

    img Posted November 3, 2011

    It’s a simple concept: In order to be wanted, you have to know what people want. So, taking that to the next level, in order to be wanted by women, you have to know what wome ...


    Easy Conversation Starters: Grocery Stores

    img Posted July 4, 2011

    Did you know that most women have a common fantasy of meeting a man at the grocery store? I only just recently learned this, and it?s seems true based on the positive responses I g ...


    Easy Conversation Starters: Public Transit and Parks

    img Posted June 20, 2011

    Aside from a nightclub, I see the most attractive women while I?m on the subway or bus. A close second is when I?m just walking around the city, especially in Manhattan. Every city ...


    Stop Hunting Dinosaurs and Learn To Catch the Chicken!

    img Posted June 17, 2011

    I sat in the live chat for my college dating blog slamming my head into my keyboard as I received a barage of scenario based questions from one of the many crazy people that grace ...


    Top Three Movies with Actually Good Pick-Up Advice

    img Posted June 15, 2011

    Movies can teach people a lot about life.? For instance, bulimic ballerinas are apparently bi-curious.? You can rob a Brazilian politician using only fast cars and really hot women ...


    The Four Phases of Picking Up a Girl

    img Posted June 14, 2011

    How to Pickup a Woman (in 4 Steps) Yesterday someone asked me why I wrote my article from last week. To him, it didn?t seem as if there was anything groundbreaking or even ?article ...


    3 Reasons That Some Guys Never Get Better With Women

    img Posted May 26, 2011

    As a dating coach for men I get a chance to see some men make big changes in their dating lives VERY fast. Unfortunately, I also see a lot of guys who do things that make it imposs ...


    Five Easy Conversation Starters: Cafés

    img Posted May 23, 2011

      I work from home, which means I work in caf?s. I can?t focus at home. Every time I tell myself, ?OK, today I?m going to sit at my desk and write,? it never happens. I end up ...


    Make a Conversation Sexual With One Change

    img Posted April 12, 2011

    Instantly Sex Up a Conversation Honestly, in the time I have spent in the pick up community there is one thing that I have seen give me and guys I know the most dramatic results qu ...


    The Women Who Slapped Me

    img Posted March 4, 2011

    And What To Learn From It It was a Tuesday night, and my friend and I trekked through the streets of Boston to the one local bar that was busy that night. I had been a regular on T ...

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