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    Learning From Feedback From Woman

    img Posted April 26, 2006

    Here is a new Derek Vitalio article I think is useful for all the guys emailing me wondering if they fucked it up for good with a girl. I say don’t get all bent out of shape ...


    Cliff’s List 4/26/2006

    img Posted April 25, 2006

    Badboy ( As soon as you have made love with the girl, you can consider that as the moment any relationship starts. It's as big a shift as when you original ...


    C And U Shaped Smiles

    img Posted April 23, 2006

    Here is a popular routine that Neil Strauss used a lot in his book. C and U shaped smile routine  This one is AWESOME if you’re sarging strippers and models. It’s al ...


    How to Get Physical With Women

    img Posted April 21, 2006

    How to get physical with women by David Deangelo MOST MEN ARE DEATHLY AFRAID… Most men don’t know the FIRST THING about how to take things to a “physical” l ...


    How to Creep Her Out

    img Posted April 19, 2006

    Here is another Derek Vitalio article. Creeping Her Out We spend a lot of time making sure we aren’t put in the friend category. But an even worse mistake is to be thought a ...


    The G String Opener

    img Posted April 18, 2006

    –The G-String Opener I got this one from Croatian Pick-Up Artist BadBoy, who teaches men how to pick-up women in his live in  field workshop. It’s a good, funny Opener ...


    Cliff’s List 4/15/2006

    img Posted April 17, 2006

    Here is the newest Cliff’s list newsletter. Cliff’s list always has the most up to date happenings in the seduction community. Dr Alex Benzer ( ...


    The Right State and The Wrong State

    img Posted April 16, 2006

    Here is another Derek Vitalio article. This one is about the game in general and it makes a lot of sense. If you are too focuses on becoming a player, this is definately an article ...


    Online Dating Profile Makeovers

    img Posted April 15, 2006

    Here is an email I recieved from David M, author of the truly original online dating course called, Insider Internet Dating. I find a lot of what Dave says to be interesting. I hav ...


    The Magic Approach

    img Posted April 14, 2006

    Here is another Derek Vitalio article. As you know I post alot of Derek’s articles because for free seduction advice he always has something useful to say. I’ve bought ...