Signs a Woman is Playing With You

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How to Tell If A Girl is Playing With You

by Derek Vitalio

A lot of men are in BAD relationships. Maybe you are too. Does your woman ever do any of the following?

She eats too much and constantly gains weight.

She complains and nags you.

She withholds sex to get what she wants from you.

She’s?selfish and spoiled. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she emotionally freezes you out.

She’s high maintenance and has a prima Donna attitude.

She has trouble compromising.

She’s difficult to please and has unrealistic expectations.

Her moods vacillate constantly.

She’s often bitter or angry.

She expects you to pay for everything.

She cares only about clothes, expensive things, and status.

She’s a drama queen and overreacts to the simplest things.

She’s constantly self-absorbed and seems to lack empathy for others.

She has a short attention span.

She’s insanely jealous and possessive and you can’t leave the house without getting her permission.

She doesn’t do as she says.

She wants what she can’t have and won’t let it go.

She doesn’t have respect for you.

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A lot of men live pathetic lives. They work hard like slaves for a company to save up for a house, fancy car, and attract a woman. Then, when the divorce comes, she takes half of your money in divorce court and takes your children away with her.

But if your woman is in control of the relationship, then it’s YOUR own damn fault.

Somewhere along the way you systematically rewarded her for her bad behavior. You rewarded her for her spoiled, rotten, moody, cold behavior.

Or perhaps you inherited a spoiled woman from other men who rewarded for her bad behavior – and you’re simply continuing her rotten education.

So how did you get stuck in this tragic situation in the first place?

You caved into the woman’s every whim no matter how inconvenient it was to you.

I knew one guy who drove three hours looking for multi-colored sticky notes because his girlfriend didn’t like the yellow ones and because ‘he loved here.’

I knew another guy who felt pressure to save all of his money for a new SUV because his girlfriend wanted to have one even though he didn’t like the idea and there was no reason they needed one.

That’s how women become spoiled and selfish.

Pretty soon, they start demanding special treatment or they threaten that you don’t really love them and they emotionally freeze you out

And then, instead of calling them on their bad behavior, you become falsely agreeable.

You’re pussy-whipped.

A pussy-whipped man is a docile wuss who slaves away at work to pay her bills… and doesn’t get sex and doesn’t get respect.

Then again, a pussy-whipped man doesn’t deserve much respect.

A pussy-whipped man is the one who created the monster in the first place!

How does this happen?

Because a lot men are NEEDY.

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They’re afraid that if they stand up for themselves that their woman will become displeased and leave them.

So they cower and kiss her feet and let her boss them around.

Politicians do this too. They’re afraid of turning off any number of special interests groups, so they attempt to please everyone. They kiss everyones ass and avoid standing up for real positions.

Politicians quickly get the reputation for being wishy-washy and lacking a backbone. And they don’t get much respect from voters because of it. Consequently most people end up voting for the lesser of two evils? rather than for a politician they actually admire and respect.

When a man lacks a backbone because he’s afraid of displeasing his woman, the woman eventually learns that she can take advantage of him. And then she begins to resent him for being such a wuss. And then she loses all respect for him.

Pretty soon, she feels trapped with a loser. And yet she’s co-dependent on him for feeding her ego and paying her bills!

She gets bitter, moody, materialistic, spoiled, selfish, nagging, and emotionally cold. In extreme cases, the woman becomes a shell of a human being because of it.

It’s not her fault. She’s simply responding appropriately to the frame the men in her life have set.

Well, is Feminism to Blame?

A few men like to blame Feminism or Femi-Nazis? for their sorry situations or the sorry situations they see their friends in.

But if your woman acts like a spoiled brat, that’s not the result feminist indoctrination. You, or the men before you, have been rewarding her for her bad behavior.

For the most part, women don’t learn their behavior from abstract ideologies. Women learn their behavior from the few immediate people around them.

Women first learn to take things for granted when their parents treat them like spoiled princesses.

And then they get worse when their boyfriends put them on a pedestal and let their woman walk all over them.

Women don’t get this way from reading Feminist treatises.

So don’t lay the blame outside of yourself. Take responsibility for it. That’s the first step out of wussiness.

Now it *is* true that some women cover their bad, rotten behavior behind feminism, equality, and independence.

But a spoiled, rotten woman’s denial that she’s spoiled and rotten is just part and parcel of her spoiled and rotten behavior not taking responsibility for herself or her actions.

In fact, if anything, men should stand up for GENUINE feminism.

One complaint I’ve heard is that feminism has caused women to be man haters?, turning them into sexual prudes.

But most feminists see sex as liberating. Feminism has ALLOWED women to be more experimental with sex.

For every woman who interprets Feminism as an ideology to reject men, twenty have taken it to mean to be more open to sex. In fact, feminists and liberal girls are some of the easiest girls to sleep with. A lot of young men joined ex-presidential nominee Howard Dean’s campaign just to get laid!

Feminism has also reduced the stigma that women who sleep with men before marriage are sluts?, relieving much of the social pressure and potential humiliation off the backs of women who would like to be sexually experimental.

Imagine if we went back in time one hundred years before Feminism. The following scenario wasn’t uncommon: As a young lad you would have been taught sex was dirty?. But you manage to have sex with a girl in your teens.

Your family finds out and demands that you marry her. Since pregnancy protection is considered blasphemous, you get her pregnant and you’re saddled with a baby by age 20. And then a second.

Sexy lingerie, dirty talk, wild blowjobs, and anything generally most enjoyable about sex with your wife would of course be OUT of the question.

Women in society are divided into good girls? and whores?. If you want to sleep with more women ?you’re opportunities are limited. Other women are married and don’t want to lose their husband and only means of support if they get caught sleeping with you. So if you want to have sex outside of marriage, off to the brothels.

Since women face wage and job discrimination, your wife is near worthless when it comes to making good money.

There are no sexual harassment laws or enforcement either. If your wife works, she may be forced by her boss or superior to give sexual favors in order to keep her job. Imagine your wife giving her boss blow jobs behind your back – by intimidation! And she’s too humiliated to tell you and because she’s afraid of losing her job or losing you.

Those were the good old days ?before Feminism.

Now, with the advent of modern Feminism, men ARE restricted in one particular way.

What does Feminism NOT allow men to do?

No longer can you control your woman through physical and emotional abuse.

It used to be that a man could keep his woman in line by playing the petty, asshole, Hitler of the house who ruled by fear and coercion.

She’s acting like a brat? Smack her.

She’s nagging you? Call her a bitch and throw her out of the house.

Those days of free reign and no consequences are over. Today you risk going to jail and in the case of a divorce, losing half your stuff (although a lot of men with abused wives still get away with it).

But look at the bright side.

You can take this opportunity to bring out the best in yourself.

To NOT be the pussy-whipped wuss who rewards a woman for bad her behavior…

… but to become the MAN who stands up for himself and his own needs – WITHOUT getting emotionally or physically abusive.

In fact, in the next report I’ll show you HOW to take back your life, HOW to reverse engineer your woman’s bad programming, and HOW to BE the kind of man that your woman REALLY wants you and needs you to be.

Familiarity breeds comfort. Don’t get comfortable with your situation if you’re not happy. Don’t spend one more week being pussy-whipped, trapped with a woman that you once loved, but now stuck in a relationship that you hate. Life is too short for that nonsense.

Begin taking responsibility for your situation and you’ll be able to take the first steps out of it.

Stay tuned.

Derek Vitalio

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