10 Cocky/Funny Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

10 Examples of Cocky Funny Flirting

Do you call yourself a pickup artist? Or do you aspire to become one?

A good pickup line is like a good mixed drink; a good mix of quality ingredients and appropriate doses.

You want to use lines that are confident (being cocky is okay if you aren’t douchey), funny, and individual. By all means, manipulate these lines so they fit your personality better.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 cocky/ you can use on women. Most of these lines are good for after initial contact with a new girl, so if you’re looking for lead-in lines for strangers, there are other articles out there.

But before we dive in, you must understand the key to using these lines at all.

The #1 Key For Using These Pickup Lines

Own these lines.

You’re using these lines to attract women, so the last thing you want to do is seem out of place using them.

These lines should not sound practiced, shaky, or misaligned to you or your personality. Many of them will make you seem douchey and not confident if you use them wrong.

In fact, a good rule of thumb is that you probably shouldn’t steal more than 3-4 of the 10 in this article. A great pickup artist has a few lines they’ve mastered. Quality trumps quality here.

My advice is to use and manipulate the lines that fit your pick up game- as it currently stands- the best.

Practice in a mirror first, or try them over Tinder or while texting. Make sure you have the context and delivery down before using them on a date.

#1.”This is why we can’t have nice things.”

When To Use: When she drops or can’t find something.

This line is funny because it’s hyperbolic. You’re blowing a minor thing out of proportion by saying she’s ruined everything. “We” also implies you together as a unit, which is flirty.

#2. “Can you settle down, please?”

When To Use: When she gets rambunctious or excited while telling stories.

Most guys are too afraid to challenge girls they just met. The truth is, they usually like it when you do.

If her voice starts getting louder or her inflection changes, smirk and playfully ask her to settle down before you’re asked to leave the establishment.

#3.”Are you kidding me?”

When To Use: When she tells you about a questionable choice she’s made.

Following along the lines of #2, girls perceive you as confident when you question or playfully challenge them.

Call her out during a story she tells or when she makes a scene while you are in public together. Give her a faux condescending look to sell the line.

#4.”Don’t say that. It makes me feel all tingly inside.”

When To Use: When she acts flirty or initiates physical contact.

This line works because it’s silly. Most guys won’t say something weird, so it stands out when a guy is willing to use strange humor. Many others like it will work too, so feel free to get creative.

If you don’t mind blowing it, perhaps make a joke about current redirections of your bloodflow as a result of her comments/actions.

#5.”Yeah, girls tell me that all the time.”

When To Use: When she compliments you.

If you haven’t picked up the theme of these lines yet, girls perceive confidence in a guy when he does something most guys don’t do.

Girls love feeling special, like they’re the only women in the world. They are used to guys treating them this way on dates. A playful, subtle joke about how you’re a hot ticket will ground her but also make her think, “Does he really have that much competition?”

Be really careful using this line. You’ll cross right into the douchebag threshold if you are aggressive with it. Subtlety is key.

#6.”Let the adults handle this kind of thing.”

When To Use: When you’re trying to problem solve and getting nowhere.

If she’s trying to help a situation that isn’t improving, you can playfully suggest she isn’t old- or capable- enough to handle it.

This line won’t work well with older women, but younger girls usually think it’s funny.

#7.”You’ll have to get me drunk first.”

When To Use: When she tries to get a story out of you.

Reverse psychology works to your advantage here, because at least for a moment, you’ve switched dating roles.

She’s used to guys trying to get her drunk. With this line, you’re implying she has to do some of the work to get what she wants. It’s confident, light, and flirty simultaneously.

#8.”Hi. I wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down. I’m waiting.”

When To Use: When hitting on girls at the bar.

If you’re in the market for one-liners to use on strangers, here’s a good one. The success rate is probably between 10-30%, but that’s about average.

Approach her and let her know you’re interested, but also that you’ve got nothing to lose. It might not be enough to get her to go home with you, but she might be enticed enough to give her number.

#9.”So that’s how you’re planning to seduce me.”

When To Use: When you’re flirting, drinking, or trying to move things along.

This is a more aggressive version of #7, but it works the same way. Use it when it’s clear that there’s a potential for something between you two.

It’ll just be awkward if she wasn’t interested to begin with.

#10.”Bummer. I was hoping you were more spontaneous.”

When To Use: When you’re trying to get her to do something.

An easy way to challenge her to do something funny, take a shot with you or join you and your friends at another bar.

If you haven’t had a good rapport with her already, don’t use this line. It will go south if she feels like you’re just calling her out.

And FYI, this isn’t the line for getting her to go home with you. It’s a little aggressive and kind of douchey to put pressure on her like that, so save it for something earlier in the night.

Cocky/Funny Lines – Wrap-Up

The key with these lines is to own them, understand their context, and deliver them without fear of what might happen.

Guys appear confident and come off as funny when they aren’t afraid of the consequences. For girls, it’s either there effortlessly, or you come off as trying too hard.

Good luck with using these cocky funny examples and have fun!


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