What are the Signs and Body Language When She Likes You?

Getting The Signals Right

I recently covered this topic in a post titled ?How to Tell if A Girl Likes You.??But after re-reading that article I realized that there are a few signals that I left out.

The first thing a woman will do if she is digging you is make herself available to be approached.?This means she will do her best to get close to you. I?ve very rarely been wrong about this one.?The minute I start thinking ?these girls seem to have conveniently found a spot right next to me and my friends? I?ll usually turn and initiate a conversation. And the response is almost always positive.

If you are at a bar she will likely go order her drink in the area you are standing.?Or you?ll notice that she will walk past you a couple times.?And she will usually hover within close proximity of you for quite a bit. While this is not a ?sure? sign a woman likes you, it is a positive indication that she might be waiting for you to approach her.


What you may also find is that when a girl is interested in you she will be eavesdropping on your conversation.?She is doing this for two reasons:

1.?She is trying to learn more about you.

2.?She is looking for an ?in? to start talking to you.

If you get the feeling a woman is eavesdropping on your conversation it is a great opportunity to use an opinion opener to engage her and her friends.?It is a very ?low risk? way of testing her interest level.

More Signs She Likes You?

Now I?ve written a lot about some of the indicators of interest women will give a guy.?So in this article I?m trying to point out some of the indicators that aren?t talked about as much.

The ?flooding smile?

Most guys think a smile is a sign a woman likes them.?But a smile is tricky because many women smile out of politeness, insecurity, or nervousness. But when a woman gives you a ?flooding smile? it is usually an indication that she is open to talk to you.

A ?flooding smile? is when the woman entire face sort of slowly lights up. It is the kind of smile that happens spontaneously and is not conscious.?Think about the sort of smile that you give when you hear really good news or when you run into an old friend. This ?flooding smile? is the smile you are looking for.?Any other type of smile can be faked or misread.


The most basic and obvious answer is that a woman will look at you a lot if she is interested.?She can?t help it.?The same way you can’t help it when you see a girl you?re interested in.

If you catch a woman looking towards you in a noticeable way YOU MUST approach her immediately.?If you hesitate you will kill the moment, and also expose yourself as being sort of timid.

So those are a couple of the signs I would look for. And I also recommend reading the article Signs a Girl Likes You.

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