How To Know If She Is Going To Cheat

Changes in Behavior That May Be Telling You She Plans to Step Out

Monogamy and Fidelity. Two words that most men want to associate with their relationships. Yes, there are open and polyamorous relationships, but as a majority, men prefer monogamous relationships.

We are creatures of dominance, as well as being territorial and social men. Our woman is?ours. However, in today?s world of independent, free-thinking women, being monogamous isn?t always their thing.

As a cautionary point, it must be said that more men cheat on women than the converse. But, if twenty-five percent of women in relationships, or more, are cheating, you need to take heed and check that your ?house? is in order.

The reasons why men cheat are varied, ranging from feelings of inadequacy to the basic, animal need to spread his seed.

Surprisingly enough, the reasons why women cheat are just as varied. Fortunately, if you are aware of your partner, you can watch for the signs and address the reasons. Hopefully, before she acts.

What is Considered Cheating?

One of the important things to consider about women who cheat is the ?when? of cheating.

Understand that men ruin a good opportunity if they are too clingy and set unreal expectations. Many men consider it cheating if a woman dates more than one guy at a time.

This is not a good mindset to have. Women have been ?feminizing? for years, with the hope of being equal to men. This includes dating, which means if a man can play the field, so can a woman.

The reality is this, if you are involved with a woman, but have no concrete ?monogamous? boundaries set, everything is fair game. Deal with it.

If you want a woman locked down, step up your game. Make yourself worth a monogamous gamble for her. Make your moves and then you can have her all to yourself.

However, every relationship is going to have its ups and downs. And it is in these times that you need to pay attention. Also, remember this, you are just as responsible for keeping your relationship ?monogamy friendly,? and create an atmosphere that dissuades cheating.

Bottom line: if clear relationship boundaries for monogamy have been set, and you or your woman go outside those boundaries, it is cheating. No two ways about it.

Why Do Women Cheat?

I am not sure I could give you the full list of reasons why women cheat. It can seem that the reasons are just as varied as the women who do it.

The truth is though, there are typical things to watch for in the relationship, and her actions, that can point to the possibility.

Stagnant relationships.

When things get stale, both partners may cheat. For women, this can be a stronger reason. Women love the thrill and excitement of passion in a relationship, and this often wanes as time goes on, even when just dating.

If the relationship seems to be dragging and attempts at intimacy are downplayed or ignored, she might be bored. This can be an open door for other men to ?liven? up her sex life on the side. Surprisingly enough, it is the intimacy she needs, not the sex; sex is just the delivery method.

She is distant or less responsive.

Does your woman still ask about your day? Does it seem that she doesn?t listen as much or feel empathy like she used to? Are your flirtations falling on deaf ears?

If we have boredom or resentment in relationships, we can distance ourselves. For women that do this, it can also include a colder, distant attitude. This is ample ground for fantasies and desires to evolve. Her focus is elsewhere, and it can often be on thoughts of ?looking for something better.?

She becomes secretive or closed off.

Women who are contemplating cheating begin to withdraw. They may suddenly start locking their phone or texting/calling in a different room.

Are her nights out with friends suddenly devoid of details, where once she told you ?all about her night?? Is she suddenly talking about new friends, often male, but glosses over details about them?

It is human nature to hide things we think are wrong, and women are no exception to this. These signs may be subtle at first but will increase. Catch it early and you may be able to head it off.

She begins to be suspicious or accuses you of stepping out.

This is one of the most telling signs of a woman who will cheat. It is something we all do in various ways, but when it comes to cheating, it can be most telling.

Ultimately it is this: liars call out lying, thieves call out stealing and cheaters call out cheating.

It is normal for men and women alike to project their ?wrongdoings? on others. Whatever the moral dilemma we are feeling inside about our actions, it can cause us to call it out in others to deflect potential suspicion, or pre-emptively avoid suspicion by laying blame first.

If a woman meets a man that sparks that ?cheating? fire, she will feel guilty because of that desire. But, if her relationship isn?t in the right place, then she looks for justifiable reasons to cheat.

If she can give herself permission to cheat, then she needs to create an environment that allows her to cheat. The best way to do this? Look for things that can point to her partner?s infidelity, thus deluding herself and justifying her own cheating.

If you are not doing anything sketchy, yet your partner is suspicious or outright accusing you, she may be doing something herself and distracting you by keeping you on the defensive.

Get Your House In Order (tough love incoming)

The things I have pointed out here are the most common signs to watch for. Lots of little activities might make you suspicious, but they typically fall into one of the discussed areas.

What you have to do to prevent these things is simple: Get Your House In Order!

Men don?t communicate enough and in the right ways. You need to talk to your partner, and by talk, I mean to start a conversation, then SHUT UP and listen to her thoughts and feelings. Make it a point to understand her needs and act.

Keep your mind on respect for her and generating passion in the relationship. She has needs, and you will fail to meet those needs if you become lazy. Lazy men have cheating partners.

Look, you set a standard when you first started this relationship. You created an environment in which you were interesting, exciting, passionate, intimate, fun, open and honest. Don?t be surprised when a woman expects you to maintain your role in that.

It may be tough to hear, but the primary reason women are going to cheat is YOU! Get it through your head that you control this shit. If you genuinely want this thing to work, and just be the two of you, watch and nurture what you have.

Women are less likely to cheat, even during tough relationship times, when she has a man that still respects her enough to make her the most valuable part of the relationship.

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