Why Is Hank Moody So Attractive?

The Truth About Hank Moody?s Devil-May-Care Attitude (and how you can live your life on your terms)

Hank Moody. Women love him, and men want to be him. Why?

He was just a fictional character played by David Duchovny in the Showtime series Californication. Most people will say ?Eh, he?s just a character from TV. None of that shit is real.? But, perhaps that isn?t so true.

Sure, there are star-struck women out there that see Duchovny in the role and want to jump him simply because he?s a celebrity. However, there are many women that love Moody, not Duchovny. They want the character, and deep down, they know Duchovny would never measure up. Duchovny is just an actor, while Moody is sexy as hell.

To understand what it is about Hank Moody that makes women as wet and anxious as a coastal city facing a Cat 5 hurricane, you need to look at the persona, not the man. While he may be attractive, his looks are not the main reason women are drawn to him.

What Makes Hank Moody Tick?

Hank Moody is a writer facing struggles with writer?s block, family issues, alcohol and keeping his dick in his pants. He bounces back and forth between New York and Los Angeles throughout the show, trying to keep his life together, while often failing and struggling to bounce back.

He is human.

Through all his trials and tribulations, there is the underlying fact that the man does well with women. Of course, the question becomes, ?How does this obviously fucked up man land so many women??

The answer is twofold ? Hank Moody doesn?t care what others think and, more importantly, he loves women.

The key is to look at the deeper aspect of these two things and understand how you can make his fiction your reality.

Hank Moody Doesn?t Give a F***

To be clear, when I talk about not giving a fuck, it is in the greater, metaphorical sense. I don?t refer to a general ?not giving a shit about people, property, the world, etc.? People like this are self-absorbed and have little to offer women except shitty conversation, self-gratifying sex, and little value to social and intimate relationships.

Moody, on the other hand, doesn?t give a shit about making people like him; he is his own person. Bear in mind that he is a successful writer/artist. One thing to be learned as an artist is about growing a thick skin. Everyone in the world is a critic, which means artists will always face rejection, even when their art receives acclaim.

I can tell you from personal experience, nobody loves everything we do. Failure and rejection go hand-in-hand with artistic expression, whether visual or written. It sucks, but what the hell do we do? Give up?

Nope. You just learn to not give a shit about what everyone thinks. And this same principle can be applied by any person, not just artists. You see, Moody is who he is. If it isn?t good enough for someone, who cares? He?ll just move on and talk to someone less judgmental. He doesn?t have enough fucks to give to those people who judge him at face value.

And, ultimately, women find men like this sexy. It is a confidence factor that drives women wild. It taps into their ?bad boy? wants. That is the driving motivation behind the bad boy image for women; the devil-may-care approach to life. You don?t have to be a bad boy, you just need the confidence of one.

Men who own who they are, how they dress and how they present themselves don?t have to care what anyone thinks. They don?t attach themselves to negative criticism and let it weigh them down or control their decisions. They still respect society and people but give fewer fucks about individual opinions.

Hank Moody is In Love with All Women

Most would consider Moody to be a womanizer. The character has been called misogynistic and a pig. But is he? From what I, and many others, have seen, it isn?t a love of sex that drives him, but a love of women.

One thing that is apparent throughout Californication, is Moody?s real, emotional side. He is not a piece of shit. He?s a guy with friends and family, and heartfelt, emotional baggage, just like most of us. His heart is in the right place most of the time, barring a bit of narcissism and ego. And when it comes to women, he puts them on a pedestal, all of them, in his own way.

Moody sees women as art, not objects. Each woman he encounters is another exhibit to explore. She is special as an individual. He makes women feel important while balancing it with his ?it doesn?t matter? demeanor.

This is that other ?thing? that makes men sexy. Men who see each woman individually stand out.

Women want to be important to men for who they are, not what they represent. Men who see women as objects are typically screwing or dating women that are low on self-esteem. These men don?t have to be confident or make women feel special, as long as the women they choose are less confident and never feel special.

Loving all women is the key. Women are beautiful, sensual, passionate and fun to be with. When all women fit into this role because you believe it, talking to them and sleeping with them becomes logical progression. This is what Moody believes and acts on. He doesn?t get hung up on ?What if she doesn?t like me??

His appreciation of women as an art form is what draws them to him like flies.

Believe me when I say, Hank Moody is just a character in a show. But, he personifies a male approach that works with women. To be clear, don?t become an alcoholic, and I am aware that everybody can?t be an emotionally charged artist.

However, when you get it in your head that confidence is about being yourself, and loving women because they exist, being Hank Moody isn?t that hard to do.

I know from personal experience that it works. Many women love a ?bad boy? attitude, mixed with a gentleman?s respect and admiration for women. It is a potent combination that attracts women and drops panties.

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