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What Hank Moody Can Teach You About Women

Hank Moody’s Guide to Meeting Girls

I hate making analogues between fictitious characters and real-world situations. What happens under a writer?s pen isn?t representative of what goes on with real people, in real time, with real emotions. Television, books, movies, and music are intended to be art, not education.

Take some lessons from Hank

As such, much of Showtime?s Californication is ridiculous. It?s downright absurd the way women just throw themselves the male protagonist, Hank Moody, approaching him in bars, convenience stores, and even when pulled up beside him at traffic lights. So, in the context of approaching, the show is extremely farfetched.

However, Moody embodies several characteristics of a seducer that are rarely touched upon by mainstream men?s dating advice. If you?ve watched Season One of the show (which I recommend you do), you?ll see Moody make some interesting choices. His attitude and mindset towards women is spot-on when it comes to being successful with them.

Mindset 1: He Genuinely Loves Women?but Doesn?t Kiss Their Ass

Moody repeatedly finds himself in bizarre situations with the women he sleeps with. They are often married, underage, manipulative, or just downright weird. Almost all of Moody?s sexual encounters are quickly followed by some ?fall out? or repercussion. While the plot device feels stock, what it reveals about Moody?s character is interesting.

Always Moody is ready to forgive and forget. Never do you see Moody bemoaning the past or crying over women who wronged him. He lives in the moment and appreciates the beauty of each woman he encounters. Even if those women screw him over (after screwing him) or cause him emotional and/or physical pain, Moody never becomes angry or reserved around women. His love of women makes him vulnerable, and that vulnerability makes him attractive.

Mindset 2: He Has No Sexual Hang-Ups/Isn?t Judgmental About Sex

Women often challenge Moody or try to call him out for living the way he does, including his own daughter. Usually these scenes involve women trying to make him feel awkward or ashamed of his sexuality. But Moody always plays it cool, dismissing his female critics with a joke or quip. Rather than get defensive or apologetic about his lifestyle, he?s proud of it. He doesn?t judge himself or the women he sleeps with. Sex is so normal to him that he makes it normal to all those around him.

Mindset 3: He Shamelessly Pursues the Woman He Wants?Without Coming Off Needy

The season begins with Moody?s ex-girlfriend (and mother of his child) engaged to another man. Moody, though, still pursues her relentlessly. Even when his pursuits end with embarrassing situations, harsh warnings, or even kicks to the nuts, he doesn?t stop. Not only does he not stop, but he also doesn?t seem to care. He?s immune to rejection, and he pursues what he wants shamelessly.

Mindset 4: He Lives With Sexual Confidence Fueled By Sexual Abundance

Moody is always laid back on the show. He never chases women too hard, even when he?s pursuing them. His entire character oozes sexual confidence. While some of that is ?written? into his character by the screenwriters, it?s not impossible to understand where Moody?s coming from. He?s extremely self-aware and sexually satisfied. When women ?reject? him, he just turns around and finds another girl (this actually literally happens in one scene). As the proverb goes, ?The hungry don?t get fed,? which makes Hank Moody the metaphorical fat man at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Mindset 5: He Has Depth to His Character

In popular media, characters like Moody are often portrayed as vacuous, simply racking up notches on their bedpost with big-breasted bimbos. In Californication, that only happens about half the time. During the other half, Moody is seen actually connecting with these women, often displaying the dazzling insights that make it believable that he wrote the fictional bestselling novel, GodHates Us All. Moody is a lover and an artist, which gives his character depth.

Sex Education by Californiacation

To sum it up, Hank Moody was written as an archetype male character. He?s the sex-obsessed man that most men can relate to, but never get the chance to be. While the plot devices and thematic templates of the show are often what hurls Moody between the sheets with the stunning LA babe populace, it isn?tthat unbelievable why these women love him.

Hank Moody embodies many of the characteristics of a ?natural seducer.? His attitude and mindset is beyond anything the seduction community can ever fathom. So do yourself a favor: check out Season One of Californication, and begin your education in the more subtle (and ?artful?)aspects of seduction.

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