How To Please A Woman In Bed

This essential skill will make your life so much easier and more pleasurable?

It?s an uncomfortable truth…?

If you?re unable to please a woman in bed, it will cause friction in the relationship.

You could be the nicest, funniest man – and this might be enough to make her put up with you – but it’ll still leave her with a lingering feeling of what she?s missing out on.????

Even if she doesn?t admit it…

The good news is that EVERYONE can learn how to please a woman in bed.?

It takes more than a big penis, six-pack abs or the stamina of an Olympian. In fact, you don?t necessarily need any of these attributes. You just need to learn how to properly connect with a woman physically, spiritually and emotionally.???

Once you get this down:?

  • You?ll find it simple to maintain casual relationships.?
  • It?ll be easy to turn one-night stands into full-on relationships.
  • The bad habits that annoy most women within a relationship won?t seem as much of a big deal to her.

Your relationships with the opposite sex become easier to manage once you learn how to satisfy a woman in bed. As such, your entire life becomes easier and more pleasurable.?

8 Tips To Help You Become A Sex God?

The following tips can all be improved with practice, provided you have these foundations in place.?

  • A desire to perform well and please your partner.?
  • The ability to communicate openly with your partner and help them relax.?
  • A reasonable ability to delay orgasms.???

Assuming you have these fundamentals in place, let?s dive in?

1. Make her feel desired

A great lover understands that women experience attraction emotionally, as well as physically. As such, it?s important to learn how to stimulate a woman’s mind, as well as stimulating her physically.?

A good start is to make her feel desired. She?ll enjoy the experience more once she sees how much you want her.?

That?s why they say foreplay starts from the moment you meet.??

Flirtatious comments, playful touches, naughty text messages. These all add to the anticipation for a woman and lead to a bigger climax once you get down to business.??

You should absolutely continue to make her feel desired – perhaps through dirty talk and selfless foreplay – during sex too.??

2. Never judge her sexual appetite

It?s completely natural for women to have a ferocious sexual appetite. She?s human, just like you. It’s in our DNA. She?s just as likely to be into various kinks and sexual experimentation as you are.?

The difference is: society tends to shame women for this, so they will hide their sexual desires from most people, including potential partners, until they learn to trust them.?

It?s therefore your job to show you?re completely non-judgemental about her sexuality.?

You can do this by being open about your own sexual desires, and positively reinforcing any hints she gives about her preferences in the bedroom.??

Of course, you don?t have to agree that a good woman can also be a sexual freak – but if you don?t then don?t expect her to reveal this side of her personality. She?ll hide it whenever she believes she?ll be judged for it, leading to less satisfying sex between the two of you.?

3. Ask about her fantasies

Because women are so afraid of being judged, they may be reluctant to reveal their darkest fantasies, even with a partner they trust.

It?s your job to prod her about these – and to be open-minded about acting them out.?

It might be best to build a trusting sexual relationship before you dive deep into these topics. Once you?ve had sex a few times, consider bringing it up when you?re alone, perhaps in those blissful intimate moments after sex.??

4. De-stress

In order to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms, a woman needs to be able to completely lose herself in the moment. Unfortunately, stress can destroy her ability to do this.?

The previous three tips will help her to de-stress, but you can take this a step further by creating a super-relaxing environment for her.

Spoil her. Run her a bubble bath. Take her out for a romantic meal. Ensure your bedroom is clean. Find a sexy Spotify playlist. Invest in some scented candles or fairy lights. Give her a full body massage.?

These actions might do nothing to turn you on any more, but they’ll help your partner to empty her mind, making it easy to lose herself and reach orgasm.

5. Switch things up

Emotions play such a key role in women?s enjoyment of sex. However, the one emotion to avoid at all costs is boredom.

When a couple?s sex life becomes stale, it can damage even the most loving relationships.

For most guys, even the most predictable sex is still great. For women, it?s different. If sex feels like a chore, she?d usually rather not do it. So, make an effort to mix things up.

Look into having sex in different locations, new positions, experimenting with sex toys, roleplay etc. There are tons of resources available online to spark your imagination, so suggest browsing them with your partner.

There is a correct way to go about suggesting this. Take care to emphasise that you?re thrilled with your sex life the way it is, but you want to explore ways to make it even better.?

6. Focus on foreplay

It?s the most overstated of sex tips, yet so many guys still choose to ignore it. The fact is: a lot of women need a lot of time to become fully turned on.??

What?s more, her capacity for extreme sexual pleasure extends way beyond her vagina. Ideally, she wants you to take your time when stimulating all of her erogenous zones.

So, be patient and build up her anticipation for you. Our foreplay guide is a good place to start if you?re short on ideas.??

7. Show some love to the clitoris

Studies suggest that the majority of women struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Many rely on clitoral stimulation in order to reach the big O.

Whether or not your woman is one of these, she?ll surely appreciate having sex in positions where one of you can stroke her clitoris.?

Even better, brush up on your cunnilingus skills and get her off before you even get to the main course.?

8. Make the most of the tool you have

There?s some truth to the adage that??it?s not how big it is, but what you can do with it.?

After all, if your penis is on the small side, there are several positions that will help her feel all the length and girth you do have.?

Many of these positions focusing on reducing distance between you and your partner, so you don?t have to thrust as far to fill her up. Other great positions are those which allow her to close her legs and tighten her vaginal muscles snugly around you. If you and your partner make the most of these positions, while also paying plenty of attention to the clitoris, you can surely still have an incredible time.???

There are some well-hung guys out there who would be likely to hurt their partner by trying these positions. These guys would be better off exploring positions for men who are too big for their partner.

The foundation for a great relationship

Sex is not the be-all and end-all in relationships. You also need chemistry, respect, trust, mutual interests, mutual goals for the future etc.??

With some women, you?re just not going to be on the same page, even if the sex is great. Completely normal.?

Also, incredible sex doesn?t tend to happen overnight. It takes time to build amazing sexual chemistry.?

But when you find a woman who you’re compatible with?and you enjoy an explosive sex life – wow!?

The ?difficult? parts of relationships become laughable when your sex is this great. Life becomes easier, better, more enjoyable.????

It?s a great foundation for a loving relationship.?

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