How To Develop An Abundance Mindset

This mindset will help you attract fantastic women into your life?

An abundance mindset is the key that unlocks a successful dating life.

As crazy and spiritual as it sounds, this will help you to attract an abundance of beautiful women.

You won?t even need to read a ton of literature about ?good game? or female psychology. After all, most dating guides do little but explain what a man with an abundance mindset does naturally.

So, if you want to become a ?natural? with women, read on.??

This guide explains how to develop an abundance mindset, even if you?ve had little to no experience with the opposite sex.?

What is an abundance mindset?

The abundance mindset is the idea that there is an abundance of all things positive in this world. Money, women, friendships, professional partnerships, fun experiences. Whatever happens, there will always be opportunities to get more of these things.

This means: if you lose something positive, it?s no big deal. What?s more, if someone else gets something positive, you?re happy for them. After all, there is still plenty left for you and everyone else.?

When you adopt this mindset:?

  • you?re no longer desperate for one particular opportunity;?
  • you?re not bitter about losing out on anything;
  • you?re genuinely pleased when other people are successful, even direct competitors.?

This drastically changes your mood and behavior. You make rational decisions. You ooze positivity. You find it easier to spot new opportunities. You?re less stressed and anxious…and it?s this behavior which attracts more good things into your life.??

The opposite is a scarcity mindset. Here, you believe all good opportunities are scarce. This makes you more desperate, more bitter, more irrational and way more negative about life. Is it any wonder that you get way less out of life when you think like this???

An abundance mindset with dating

Put simply, an abundance mindset in dating is the belief that there are ?plenty of fish in the sea?. If this one woman doesn?t like you or doesn?t meet your standards, there are plenty of women who will.

With this mindset, you become relaxed around beautiful women. You don?t bend over backwards to impress your date, because you need to impress her. You can show your true personality, without worrying too much if she likes it. Perhaps most importantly, you?re willing to scold her or walk away if she doesn?t behave to a certain standard.

How does an abundance mindset help attract women??

An abundance mindset is powerful because it helps you behave in a way that communicates you?re in demand from women. This is one of the most attractive demonstrations of high value you can show.?

When people see evidence that there?s high demand for something, they immediately value it more.???

Here are some other advantages of an abundance mindset:

  • It?ll help you to ?be yourself? around her, rather than filtering your personality to impress her. This is perhaps the most commonly-shared dating advice of all time.??
  • It?ll create space for a woman to chase you. This is crucial in any courtship. When a woman has to work for your affection, this creates uncertainty, which is rare and exciting for her. You?ll be seen as higher value because she had to put more effort in to win you over.??
  • It?ll stop you getting frustrated or desperate about dating and singledom.?
  • It?ll inspire you to pursue more romantic opportunities.?
  • It?ll make it easier for you to set boundaries in a relationship. Women appreciate this dominant approach.
  • It?ll help you make rational decisions about monogamy. If you end up in a relationship, it?ll be because the woman is truly awesome, rather than because you were worried about loneliness or didn?t think you could lock down anyone better. This is key to a lasting long-term relationship.

Honestly though, the biggest advantage of an abundance mindset in dating is that you?re NOT acting out of scarcity.

When you believe your romantic options are scarce, you will act far too needy towards women who show the slightest interest in you.?

Nerves. Running out of things to say. Over-investment. Supplication. Oneitis. ?Nice guy? behavior. These horribly unattractive actions typically all stem from neediness. It?s arguably the least attractive trait you can show.??

Even if you?re aware how bad it is to behave this way, it?ll often still show in your body language, texting patterns and your general demeanor around women.?

How to develop an abundance mindset when you have nothing

You may think it?s delusional to develop an abundance mindset in dating when you have had no women in your life for some time.?

Indeed, this mindset isn?t something you install at the click of your fingers.?

Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you begin improving your abundance mindset and attracting more positive circumstances into your life.?

Focus on the things you do have

An abundance mindset shouldn?t just apply to dating. If you choose to focus on the abundance of positive circumstances in all areas of your life, you?ll be less likely to make choices out of desperation in other more scarce areas.?

Keep a daily gratitude journal, listing at least five things that make you happy. It?ll make you realise how much you already have. Plus, it?ll help you stop you being overly desperate for the things you don?t have.?

Let go of the past

Women will come and go from your life. Realise that your dating history has no effect on who you can attract in the future.??


There are plenty of specific abundance meditations available online.?

However, the best thing that meditation will teach you is to stay in the present moment when communicating with beautiful women.?

When you do this, you?ll make decisions based on the woman in front of you, rather than the lack of women you?ve had in the past.?

Take action

Once you learn the basics of how to cold-approach women effectively, it opens your eyes to the abundance of options available to you.

Whereas before you may have felt as if you had to wait for an opportunity online or within your social circle, you eventually realise it?s possible to try and make something happen with any woman you lay your eyes on.??

Suddenly, the world becomes a playground of opportunities.?

Witness the magic of the abundance mindset for yourself

The more you practice approaching and flirting with women, the more you?ll begin to notice patterns.

When you genuinely feel as if you could ?take it or leave it? (because there is an abundance of women just like her), you?ll notice women are typically a lot more receptive.

When you want her to like you too much, she?ll often lose interest and bail. Here, you lost your abundance mentality. Why would you be so desperate for something that?s abundant??

It?s an incredibly frustrating yet important lesson that women teach us.??

Yet, the more often we spot this pattern, the more often we learn this lesson and remember the importance of acting from abundance.?

Use this mindset to improve all areas of your life

Your thoughts control your actions. Your actions control your circumstances.

That?s why the abundance mindset is so powerful.?

You can use these tips to attract more money, friendships or whatever you want. So, start applying them today.?

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