How To Control A Woman’s Mind – Is It Possible?

Is mind control possible???

A lot of shady online dating coaches claim that they?re able to teach you how to control a woman?s mind, using advanced psychological techniques.

Once you learn these subtle psychological tricks, she?ll be like putty in your hands, or so they say.?

What?s more, there?s clearly a huge market of men who want to do this. Google keyword data for phrases surrounding ?female mind control? proves it. Plus, someone has to be keeping these shifty coaches in business.

In this article, we?ll be exploring whether it?s actually possible to control a woman?s mind – and whether you should even want to.?

Dating coaches are making big promises about female mind control?

For research purposes, I did a Google search for ?how to control a woman?s mind? and a lot of the articles simply explain how to make a woman like you.

Most of these articles are fine. It?s hard to argue that tips like ?be unpredictable? ?understand what she wants? or ?avoid aggression? are bad, but I wouldn?t label these as controlling a woman?s mind.

Then, there are the articles making promises about ?super powers? and being able to ?enslave? a woman using mind control. Funnily enough, these all lead readers down the rabbithole to purchase paid products.?

So, should guys be forking out their hard-earned dollars to learn how to control a woman?s mind? Is it even possible??

Is it possible to control a woman?s mind??

This really depends on your definition of ?mind control?.?

It is definitely possible to behave in a way or say specific lines that?ll make a woman more likely to go home with you. In fact, a lot of old-school pick-up artist strategies, such as ?Mystery Method?, were loosely based on the manipulation of psychological methodologies like? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Then, there are some more dark psychological strategies that are extremely manipulative, such as gaslighting or poison-dripping.?

However, these only tend to work on emotionally unstable women – and they definitely won?t lead to a happy relationship. To be honest, they?re only used by emotionally unhealthy men.?

It would be wrong to say that the ?enslavement? strategies marketed by these online gurus don?t work, without trying them.?

So, let?s instead explore whether you?d even want to control a woman?s mind.

Should you want to control a woman?s mind??

One of the most satisfying parts of being in an intimate relationship is that your partner chooses to be with you.?

Everything they choose to do for you is because they think you?re that damn awesome.

When you take away these feelings, all that?s left is the act. For most guys, that?s an empty experience.???

These ?mind control? products are marketed towards insecure men, because it?s they who believe that no woman would ever choose to date or have sex with them.?

But that?s not true.

Even if a man ?s objectively unattractive at this moment, he can always work on himself to develop an appearance and personality that women desire.?

It requires more effort than learning these ?secret psychological strategies? to trick a woman into bed, but it?s a lot more reliable and surely more satisfying.

How to inspire a woman to choose you?

This guide on how to get girls in 2020 is a fantastic starting point for men looking to become more attractive to women.

It explains how to develop the qualities that women desire in a partner, including:??

  • a healthy athletic body;
  • an active and exciting life;
  • assertiveness;
  • confidence;
  • great social skills.

All of these traits are obtainable no matter who you are. They?ll do a lot to make a woman want to get to know you.?

From there, the key is building a strong emotional connection. Take the time to learn about her. Open up about yourself. Resist the temptations to ?play it safe? and hide your true personality.?

This is what creates the intense connection we call ?true love? – an emotion which takes control ? ? of her mind more than some clever psychological trick.?

It?ll be more fulfilling for you too.


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