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How To Help Your Friend Get Laid: (Wingmanship 101)

The top five rules for being a great wingman

If you want to know how to help your friends get laid, this is the guide for you.

Let?s be honest. This is one of the nicest things you can do for a man. If you can help some guy score with a gorgeous blonde, he?ll be your friend for life.

The problem is: most guys don?t know what it takes to be a great wingman.?

In fact, most guys end up accidentally ruining their friends? chances of getting to know a woman on a deeper level.?

If you have a buddy like this, feel free to send this guide to him after you?re done reading it.?

With that said, let?s explore the five most important pointers for being a good wingman.?

#1 Bring positivity and fun

Positivity and fun are infectious.

If you?re hanging out with enthusiastic, light-hearted friends, you?re going to be in a much better mood.

What?s more, when you go out meeting women together, they?re going to feel these positive vibes too. That?s going to make them far more likely to want to stay and talk to the two of you.?

When you?re having fun, you?re both less likely to suffer from approach anxiety and you?re each more likely to come across as attractive guys.

So, make an effort to spread good vibes around your wingman, even when there are no women around.??

Make jokes. Encourage your friend. Give positive feedback on his approaches. Remain positive about rejections. Refrain from sharing any negative thoughts.?

Positivity and fun are two essential qualities for a good wingman. If your wingman isn?t fun to hang out with, he?s probably hurting your game more than he?s helping.?

#2 Remain in the vicinity

You?re no use as a wingman if you?re constantly running away from your buddy.

Don?t be that guy who runs off every time you see a beautiful woman and never comes back.

That?s a shitty thing to do, especially if your wingman struggles to meet women when he?s out alone.

A better strategy is to approach groups of women together, so each of you has someone to talk to. In this situation, you can help each other out when necessary.

In an ideal situation, you?d only ditch your wingman once a woman is ready to go home from you.?

#3 Occupy the cockblocks?

Without a wingman to occupy potential cockblocks, it becomes so much harder for a man to win over his dream woman.

After all, it?s rare that a beautiful woman is hanging out alone, in a bar or nightclub especially.

There are usually friends battling for her attention too – and it?s tough for any unknown guy to win that battle without back-up.?

Sure, your wingman may be able to open a conversation with a gorgeous woman, but if her friends decide to drag her away, she?ll let it happen. A woman will always choose her friends over some guy she?s just met.?

A good wingman will be able to occupy this woman?s friends, so that his buddy has some extra time to close the deal.?

Don?t underestimate how important this is.?

When a woman at a bar sees her friend chatting with some unknown man, she?ll automatically assume that he is creepy/drunk/dangerous/annoying (because most guys at the bar are most of these things). As such, her natural instinct is to save her friend without asking any questions.?

Even if a guy is able to win over an entire group of women, he?ll often still need someone to occupy the friends if he wants to take one of them home. This is especially true when there?s only one friend. Few women are disloyal enough to leave a friend by herself to go and sleep with someone.?

It?s a selfless act to keep some woman?s unattractive friends occupied, so your buddy can get laid. If you do this for him, he should absolutely be expected to return the favor one day.?

#4 Speak highly of your wingman?

Wouldn?t life be easy if we could just directly brag about all our strengths and accomplishments – and have women melt at our feet?

Sadly, it doesn?t work that way.

No matter how much success we?ve achieved, it comes across as too try-hard to boast about it. When we do this, most women are turned off.

Instead, we have to let the most attractive aspects of our lives crop up naturally in conversation.?

That?s where a good wingman comes in.?

You should get in the habit of speaking highly of your wingman when you?re around women that he?s interested in.

Hopefully, he?ll do the same for you.?

#5 Point out his mistakes?

We all have behavioral blind spots. Often, they ruin our chances with women over and over again. Yet, it?s common that no-one will ever point them out.

If you point out a mistake your wingman is making around women, that could be the biggest favor you?ll ever do for him.?

So, you shouldn?t hesitate to do it.?

However, it?s best to ask if he wants your feedback before you give it to him.?

Unsolicited criticism usually falls on deaf ears – and could even make your wingman not want to hang out with you again.

It?s not essential for you to study your wingman?s interactions for errors, but a quick word in his ear about a blatant mistake he?s making could change his love life forever.

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