10 Dating Mistakes That Scare Women Away

Most men falsely believe that hooking up with a beautiful woman is a momentous task.

The truth is: you don?t need to sweep off her feet with some epic humour or super-smooth moves. Mostly, you just need to be a cool guy,? who knows how to pull and doesn?t do anything stupid when speaking to her.

Most single women want to meet a cool guy when they?re out and about. Sadly, too many guys are making basic errors that leave it impossible for women to be attracted to them.

If you find that women are regularly running away from you, it?s probably because you?re making one of the fundamental dating mistakes listed below.

Avoid these common blunders and you?ll give yourself a fighting chance of hooking up with the women you approach.

1. Startling her

A lot of men will startle women by approaching them from behind, jumping out from the crowd, or (god forbid) grabbing them as they walk past.

This is how a mass murderer would approach her.

Instead, approach from her eyeline with a big smile, so she has time to comprehend what?s happening.

Our step-by-step guide to approaching a woman has more detailed advice.

2. Lack of smile and eye contact

Smiling as you approach her shows you?re friendly and non-threatening. Eye contact communicates that you?re trustworthy and confident about what you?re doing. ??

Without either, you come across as unfriendly, unconfident and nervous.

Check out these seven body language sins for advice on other subtle ways you?re turning her off. ?

3. Bad hygiene

It doesn?t matter how handsome or well-dressed you are if you?re overlooking basic hygiene. Bad breath, damp armpits and dirty clothes are unforgivable. See our grooming and hygiene tips for more advice on how to present yourself. ?

4. Awful fashion

The way you dress communicates so much about how you value yourself. If you look scruffy and ungroomed, it?ll put a lot of women off. ?

Halloween is the one day you can hook up while looking like a slob. For the rest of the year, dress to impress. ??

5. Nerves

Nervous energy is infectious.

Although it?s normal to have a few butterflies when approaching a beautiful woman, it?s important to learn how to control these feelings.

Any anxiety you show will leave her feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

For tips on controlling your fear of approaching women, check out my free e-book titled?How To Conquer Social Anxiety.

6. Being too physical

Please, don?t be that pathetic dude in the club who gropes and dry-humps women before he even introduces himself.

While it?s important to be physical when flirting, pushing things forward too quickly is a deal-breaker.

The key to physically flirting with a woman is to build it up at a speed she?s comfortable with. Our guide on touching women in a non-creepy way has more advice on this.

7. Being too vulgar

Dirty talk can be sexy in the right context, but you?re usually one slip away from offending her and killing the entire interaction.

Use our guide on bringing up sex to show her your intentions in a more subtle way. ?

8. Cringeworthy online dating pictures

Most women are ruthless when judging your online dating photos. A lot of them are actively looking for red flags, rather than reasons to swipe right.

Red flags include: bathroom selfies, photos with your ex, photos with wild animals, photos with guns, dorky fancy dress, unnecessarily shirtless photos. ??

Our tips on what to wear in your Tinder profile will be useful for all online daters. ?

9. Social media stalking

Swapping social media details is more advantageous than trading phone numbers, but tracking her down on Instagram of your own accord can come across as stalkerish.

Messaging her on social media after she ignored your WhatsApp or Tinder message can definitely come across as creepy.

Sliding in strangers DMs has been known to work, although the odds would appear to be against you if you?re not some handsome Instagram celebrity.

You?re best off communicating using the contact details she gives you. If she?s into you, she?ll usually reply to your message. Having said that, our guide on what to do if you?ve been ghosted could come in handy. ??

10. Unsolicited dick pics

Please stop. There are no scenarios where this is a good move.


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