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    Breaking Down Swagger

    img Posted April 12, 2013

    Swagger Explained I used to have terrible body language. I remember how I?d tense my shoulders, huddle my arms into a ball, or avoid direct eye contact with anyone and everyone. L ...


    How Good You Get with Women is Predetermined (Sorta)

    img Posted April 10, 2013

    Before I delve into my thoughts on women and dating, let me indulge my other favorite topic: financial success. See, as someone who?s been making a living on the internet for three ...


    Stop Being a Spectator

    img Posted March 19, 2013

    I?ll be the first to admit that I?m not perfect. I?ve made regretful life decisions, acted in ways I wish I hadn?t, and said things I wish I could take back. But if there?s one thi ...

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