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    Caution: Reading this Article will Make Your Life Better (Can You Handle It?)

    img Posted January 26, 2017

    That title isn?t clickbait. It?s a legit warning. Do you really want your life to get better? Of course everyone SAYS they do. But nodding your head and actually meaning it are ...


    Cancer of Hope: The Cautionary Tale of Andy

    img Posted September 4, 2013

    Are you ?hoping? for things in your lovelife? Hoping to: ? Get a date? ? Get laid? ? Get a girlfriend? If that?s you, then I have some pretty shocking advice for you: ST ...


    Dating Multiple Girls: The Rules

    img Posted August 30, 2013

    Modern dating is so much different from ?traditional dating? that it?s almost unrecognizable. Almost like how everyone one day decided to start shaving off pubic hair, the rulebook ...


    Attraction Cheat Code: Give Her “the Experience”

    img Posted August 28, 2013

    Let?s begin with a formula: her ?perfect? guy < her perfect experience. Got that? If that sounds too simple or obvious to you, then you don?t completely grasp the idea. That? ...


    An Open Letter to Orbitors

    img Posted August 20, 2013

    You know who you all are, gentlemen. The ones lurking in the shadows, pretending to be a girl?s ?friend.? Yeah, you Mr. I-Just-Like-Doing-Nice-Things-For-People (but only if tho ...


    What Killed Your Last Date

    img Posted August 13, 2013

    If you can get a date, you can get the girl. If that?s not your motto, you?re not playing with a full deck. Every guy should be showing up to dates with the mentality: the more tim ...

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