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    How Learning Dating Will Transform Every Aspect of Your Life

    img Posted July 26, 2013

    Remember when you first started studying dating advice and you couldn?t stop thinking of The Matrix? When it felt like you ?swallowed the red pill? and suddenly everything seemed t ...


    Learn to Control Your Emotions

    img Posted June 6, 2013

    I sit at my laptop, sip the delicious foam of my Heineken Light, and peruse my Facebook messages. As a guy who writes dating advice, you can be sure my Facebook inbox is a hub for ...


    Chatting Up Babes: The Crash Course

    img Posted May 15, 2013

    Introduction: What do Women Want? Since we?ve been old enough to like girls, we?ve all wondered how to talk to them. You too have probably wondered if you should talk dirty or swe ...


    Lifestyle Design: 5 Steps to Doing What You Want

    img Posted May 7, 2013

    Recently someone asked I write an article becoming an entrepreneur and living the life you really want. Not the life where you mostly hate you job, ignore your passions for more ?p ...


    5 Reasons She’s Not Into You…that Have NOTHING to Do With You

    img Posted April 16, 2013

    Nothing blows my mind more than the inherent narcissism that comes equip in the mind of the average male. Every time a girl doesn?t respond to a text, flakes on a date, or doesn?t ...


    Breaking Down Swagger

    img Posted April 12, 2013

    Swagger Explained I used to have terrible body language. I remember how I?d tense my shoulders, huddle my arms into a ball, or avoid direct eye contact with anyone and everyone. L ...

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