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    Being the Gatekeeper

    img Posted September 7, 2010

    How To Keep Yourself High In Demand After settling into your dorms you?ll soon find out that freshmen need certain things to enable their college experience. By being the gatekeep ...


    About To Go Greek?

    img Posted September 2, 2010

    How To Pick A Frat Many of you youngsters are heading back to or about to enter college, and at least at my school, U.C. Berkeley (Pac-10 football sleeper pick anyone?), the first ...


    Beware The Pill

    img Posted August 24, 2010

    Be Careful You Don\'t Fall Into the Sex Trap Once you?re in a monogamous relationship, there?s a good chance your girlfriend will decide to go on the pill. On the surface it seems ...


    Cooking: The College Man’s Dilemma

    img Posted August 10, 2010

    Put The Pizza Away For A Second One of the most difficult things to do in college is to cook a filling meal that is somewhat healthy. Very few people of college-age know how to co ...


    Paying Attention To Your Girl

    img Posted August 5, 2010

    It?s Important To Know When To Give Her Praise I got a text message from a friend a week ago. It went like this. ?Yo... if your gf was in a bikini with a bunch of your guy friend ...


    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juggling Women

    img Posted July 27, 2010

    It\'s Not Impossible If You Do It Right Guys love the idea of juggling women. Let?s be real: having multiple girls who want to sleep with you is such a huge ego boost. You go thro ...

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