First Date Tips


By: Bobby Rio

First Date Tips for Men

First dates are oftentimes the best dates. Why? It?s just after you?ve initially met someone, when you have no idea what they?re really like, but both are interested enough in each other to make a solid attempt to hang out and plow forward. They?re nerve-wracking, exciting, and everybody?s got stories of the terrible ones they?ve been on.

So what is it that makes a good first date?

How do you avoid being a footnote in conversation of people who are recalling their worst, most harrowing experiences with the terrifying fact that the selection they had of available single people was way more limited than they originally thought? Simple. By reading about how you can not be a fun absorbent blanket and realizing there are a number of first date tips you can keep tucked handily away in the back of your head to utilize at any point where the conversation is stalling and the interaction is ailing.

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These are those first date tips tips.

6 Pieces of First Date Advice

1. Realize that this is your first (or second) impression.

Not a very profound realization, is it? But when you think about it, you?ll temper your actions more. She doesn?t need to know the entire scope and range of your personal exploits backpacking through Europe, or the fact that for some reason, you?re terrified of gravy.

All she needs to know is that you?re emotionally wired properly and don?t freak out at inopportune times. You need to just not raise red flags. Also, take pride in your grooming and appearance, because chances are, she will notice. She?ll be all, ?Damn, that dude used to live in his burlap sack, but now he wears gold velour track suit.? Or something similar. We have no idea what your fashion choices consist of ? but in summation ? look good. Women look for people who look good, both for their friends and their prospective lovers. ?I’d review this list of ways to make yourself more attractive.

2. Being that it?s your first impression, make it interesting.

What do you think the worst possible first date is, other than a dozen whiskey slaps sans the whiskey?

Dinner and a movie.

It?s the most played-out first date in the history of first dates possible ? literally everyone has been out to dinner and a movie. And it?s an excruciating experience, because during said dinner and movie, you can?t talk and make overtures at each other. All you can do is watch each other chew and take in entertainment. Terribly lame, wouldn?t you say? So does she, to herself, before leaving to her apartment and deciding never to call you again.

There are awesome things to be doing in your city, available for any hoodlum to read ? just check out Yelp, Citysearch, Not For Tourist Travel guides, Facebook groups dedicated to your city ? it?s literally the easiest thing in the world to find out cool things to do. So you need to do that, and bring your date to the cool things. Unless you?re the most fascinating man in the world, dinner and a movie isn?t an option. Scratch that, even if you?re the most fascinating man in the world. ?(Check out these first date ideas)

3. Be able to escalate.

First date, right? You want first date tips? So, you don?t want to pressure her too hard into getting sexual the first time you meet her ? most girls have rules for first dates that they don?t want to break about getting sexual with a guy. So you don?t want to steamroll her own personal values ? however, something you should do is escalate to the point where you think that you can go.

If you think that you can have sex with a girl on the first date, then great. Do that. Keep in mind, there?s a very specific type of girl who?ll be having sex with you on the first date. If she wants to leave it at a point where she can stop and still remain comfortable, let her. It?s within her scope and responsibility and lots of women feel like they should stop at a certain point. So let them. But if you can push them, do it.

4. Have something captivating to say.

You know the most painful thing on a first date, besides a lack of chemistry? When people just stare at each other, not knowing at all what they?re supposed to say or which move to make.

Be confident. Talk about something that you?re passionate about, as passion always attracts people, regardless of their gender. So get her to talk about something that she?s passionate about, and it?s win-win for both of you. Be able to tell relatable and funny stories ? it?ll serve you well not just on dates, but at dinner parties or any other form of social gatherings down the line.

Here are some good first date questions.

5. Have fun.

Don?t just do one thing, time-bridge and do a whole lot of things. Most importantly, this is a test to see if she?s going to be having fun with you. So bite the bullet, don?t be an incredibly serious man, and let loose.

You?re only single once in your life, but with simple first date tips, you can have a lot of fun being that way.

6. Avoid these Mistakes

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