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    How To Hit The ‘Reset Button’ With A Girl

    img Posted June 24, 2015

      Whether you’re dealing with an ex, a friend with benefits, a girl who’s trapped you in the friend-zone or maybe just a missed opportunity, sometimes you just wish that y ...


    Style Mistakes Killing Your Chances With Women

    img Posted June 19, 2015

    Women like men who look good. Not only because looking groomed, mature and put together is a sign of sexual maturity (and you can’t fight nature), but if you look good, you feel ...


    How To Know When She’s Flirting Back

    img Posted June 18, 2015

    How to Tell if a Woman is Flirting with You Let’s face it boys, sometimes we just don’t know when a girl is hitting on us. This can actually become truer if you’re always the ...


    3 Of Her Erogenous Zones You’re Ignoring

    img Posted June 17, 2015

      Sex is the biggest deal. It doesn’t matter if you spend three hours a day at the gym, make a million dollars a year or could flirt your way to the White House. If you can ...


    4 Lessons Speed Dating Teaches Us About Attraction

    img Posted June 15, 2015

    Are we more superficial than we’d like to admit? Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi, in their study Dating Preferences and Meeting Opportunities in Mate Choice Decisions, o ...


    3 Statistics About Online Dating Safety

    img Posted June 12, 2015

    Researchers compiled some interesting information from online daters It started out as a social stigma for its known practitioners, but online dating has transformed into an accept ...


    The Science Behind Instant Attraction

    img Posted June 12, 2015

    I read a 55-page research report from Standford University and the University of California, Santa Barbara so that you didn’t have to. You’re welcome. Levity aside, the report ...


    How To Avoid The Second Date Slump

    img Posted June 12, 2015

    How To Avoid The Second Date Slump I hesitate to write this article, for its premise appears tedious. What, you may ask, differentiates the second date from the third or the fourth ...


    5 Shameless Compliments To Spark A Connection

    img Posted June 11, 2015

      Sincere compliments seem to have a bad reputation. I’ve heard them branded before as “good guy game”, a territory that not a lot of guys are willing to wade into, beca ...


    Why You’re Being Instantly Rejected

    img Posted June 10, 2015

    Cold approaches are tough. If you’re a naturally introverted person, they can be down right frightening. It’s the same kind of fear you face going in for a job interview or whe ...

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