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    8 of the Best Juggler Quotes

    img Posted September 8, 2015

    The founder of Charisma Arts imparts wisdom ...


    The Strong Eject: How to Compliment a Girl and Still Come Off Cool

    img Posted April 14, 2010

    When I was first began going out and really trying to improve my game with women, I kept running into the same problem; my conversations would quickly run out of steam. It was real ...


    Openers for Mixed Sets

    img Posted April 21, 2007

    Here are a handful of Openers that Juggler came up with for mixed sets. Mixed Set Openers by Juggler A mixed set is a set that has male as well as female members.] 1. “ItR ...


    The Juggler Way

    img Posted December 2, 2006

    A good post out there for those interested in Wayne “Juggler” Elise’s natural game method. This was written by Wayne and briefly describes his philosophy. Great G ...


    How to Compliment Girls

    img Posted November 12, 2006

    I’m going to round off the week with another post I found by Juggler over on the Charisma Arts website. Juggler, the innovator of natural game, always has something interesti ...


    Using Her Judgments to Your Advantage

    img Posted November 11, 2006

    Here is an older post from Wayne “Juggler” Elise. Tao and Judgments by Juggler An amateur rushes his words because he doesn’t want to be judged. He wants to zip t ...


    Wayne Elise (Juggler) and Neil Strauss

    img Posted October 3, 2006

    In this video blog we meet the man Juggler who is a teacher of the Natural Game method of seduction. It is interesting just to get a feel for the different PUA’s and their ow ...


    Presenting a Good Vibe

    img Posted September 28, 2006

    Here is another installment of Jugglers online apprenticeship course. How to Have a Good Vibe by Juggler We’ve left out something important. Thus far, we’ve discussed t ...


    Escalate From Personal to Sexual

    img Posted September 26, 2006

    Here is another installment of Jugglers online course through his Charisma Arts site. Escalating Sexual Attraction by Juggler Last time, we talked about how to move from your plato ...


    How You Open Girls

    img Posted September 22, 2006

    This is another installment of Jugglers online course from the Charismaarts site. How to Open Girls by Juggler How did your approach homework go? Some approaches probably went well ...