From the Archives: 10 More “Attraction Techniques” You Can Use


Every Thursday here at we?re going to highlight some of our favorite articles from the past seven years. ?And we?re going to pick the articles based on the most important topics like attitude, inner game, flirting, and sexuality.

Seduce Her Like James Bond: ?This is actually a cool game you can use to make your pickups a lot more fun. ?It?involves?role playing, one of the techniques I talk about in Make Small Talk Sexy (free report)

Neil Strauss’s “Cube Routine”: ?Here is the Cube Routine that Neil Strauss talks about in his book “The Game.”

Style’s “Girlfriend Test”: ?This is Neil Strauss “Girlfriend Test” that he talks about in the bok “The Game.”

The Secret to Making a Girl Attracted to You: ?I couldn’t agree more with Derek Vitalio’s article about what get’s a girl attracted to you. It’s often overlooked in dating advice.

7 Deadly Body Language Mistakes: ?This is an?in-depth?article that talks about the major body language mistakes that you must avoid if you want to create attraction in a woman.

Learn to Talk Better: ?Here are some quick tips to learn how to talk to girls better. These are slight adjustments that you can make to the way you communicate for good results.

10 Pickup Tips from Neil Strauss: ?Neil Strauss walks you through the 10 things he makes sure he does in every single seduction. This makes a good checklist.

What Makes You Attractive: ?Derek Vitalio answers the age old question “what makes you attractive to a girl?”

Tucker Max’s Guide to Good Game: ?Here are a collection of articles from Tucker Max talking about what he considers the most essential ingredients to succes with women.

Should You Pay for Dates?: ?This article by Mystery examines who should pay for the date? ?Should the guy always pay for the date? What about buying girl’s a drink?

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