10 Articles on Better Sex

The Best Articles for Getting Better in Bed

Here is a collection of some of TSB Magazine’s best and most popular articles for improving in the bedroom. These articles will tell you exactly what women want in bed. ?And they cover topics like how to get more blow jobs, sex tips, how to make women horny, and much more.

The Top 10 Things Women Want You to Do in Bed: ?This article explains exactly what women want you to do in bed, what turns her on, and how to keep her coming back for more.

9 Types of Female Orgasms: In this article Shawna explains the different ways to bring a woman to climax and the difference between each type of orgasm.

How to Get a Girl Thinking About Sleeping with You: ?In this article you’ll learn the easiest way to get a girl imaging having sex with you.

Secrets of Superman Stamina: ?This is a review of one of the most powerful programs on increasing your stamina in the bedroom.

How to Make a Woman Horny: ?Derek Vitalio wrote a great article on various ways to turn a woman on. ?He gives some solid tips to get a girl horny.

3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasm: ?Here is another article talking about the sex positions that are most likely to bring a woman to orgasm.

Step by Step Escalation Ladder: ?This is Vin Dicarlo’s classic article providing a step by step way to bring sex into a conversation.

3 Common Mistakes Getting Physical with a Woman: ?This article explains some of the common mistakes guys make when taking things to a physical level with a woman.

10 Ways to Tease a Woman: ?Here are 10 of the best ways to sexually tease a woman and lead her towards climaxing.

How to Get more Blowjobs: ?Dan Rose provides some solid tips on how to get more blow jobs. Including one of the best tips on the subject.

The Ultimate Guide Male Kegeling: ?How to use kegel exercises to become a multi-orgasmic man.

How to Ejaculate Like a Porn Star:? In this article Dan explains a technique for how to ejaculate like a porn star and having a girl girl begging you for for more.

How to Get an Erection Every Single Time: ?Dan provides some solid advice on how to get an erection every single time.

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