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5 Warning Signs A Girl Is Not Into You

In some relationships, you sometimes get to a point where you feel the balance change. It might have been while out for a coffee, or in a bar with some of your friends. You talked to her, she responded, you felt something.

That magic moment when you think a woman is into you is electric. It can light your body on fire, make you feel excited and worst of all, optimistic.

Optimistic that there is something there, something fun that you can explore.

But then, you run into a stop sign. You can’t tell what it is, but you get that feeling that something isn’t right.

When you run into these warning signs that a girl is not into you, it can be a little frustrating. Sometimes people persevere, and they try and push through it, but sometimes this can lead to some uncomfortable moments.

In this article, we’ll guide you through five of the big warning signs a girl isn’t into you, and what you should do.

The 5 Big Warning Signs a Women Isn’t Into You

Warning signs are sometimes easy to avoid because we want to ignore them. Accepting and realizing when we see warning signs can give you the opportunity to both prevent, circumvent or sometimes accept what is happening in front of you.

Let’s go over some of the warning signs.

1. She’s Constantly Flakey With Your Plans

Let’s face it; when someone cancels plans on you, it can feel pretty shitty. You often feel that sinking feeling in your stomach, and you always jump to the worst conclusions.

Just because your date has canceled on you, doesn’t mean that your crush isn’t into you. If this has only happened once or twice, you’re probably going to be ok.

Everyone needs the occasional rain check or forgiveness for a careless double booking. However, if she’s constantly flaking on plans, that’s a pretty clear sign she’s not digging it.

Girls everywhere will be aware of the last minute illnesses, after all, you can’t really argue with someone being sick. Whether it’s a hungover Monday?or an unwanted date, it seems the excuses are pretty similar.

Our advice is if you think she was genuinely busy or ill to give her the chance to re-book the date, but don’t initiate it yourself. Leave her with a simple ‘Oh, I’m sorry. Get better soon’ and wait for her to get in touch.

If she doesn’t…well you have your answer.

2. She’s Pointing Out You’re Just Friends

This is another pretty strong indicator, and if you find a woman indicating to you she wants to keep it platonic, it’s probably because she’s trying to spare your feelings.

Sometimes, women don’t always make it so obvious. Watch out for key phrases like ‘how good it is to have you as a friend’ or if she introduces you as ‘my friend, Jonathan’ you know she’s trying to make a point. Come on Johnny boy, pay attention.

She’s not into it.

Although the realization of this can be painful, just be mindful of how you respond. It’s really important that you don’t kick up a fuss if you’ve been put into the ‘friend zone.’

A tantrum isn’t going to do you any favors and you’ll no doubt lose both a potential love interest and a friend.

If you feel like you can’t maintain being friends with your crush, then our advice is to make a clean break instead of hanging around, hoping she’ll change her mind. This will lead you to resent her if she moves onto another relationship.

3. She’s Avoiding Any Physical Contact

One of the key signals of a romantic relationship is constant touching. Everything from putting hands on each other’s legs, playful hitting and the occasional graze of the arm.

If your crush isn’t doing any of these, then it’s not a good sign. You can also usually tell by a women’s body language if she’s into you or not.

If she seems stiff and unapproachable, then chances are she’s subconsciously showing you that she’s not that interested.

Make sure in situations like this you are fully aware of what’s going on. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than reading the signs wrong, going in with some heavy petting to see your crush back off flustered and calling an end to the night.

This is definitely an area you don’t want to be forcing. If she doesn’t want to be touched, you trying to can come across as creepy, invasive and in the very worst case, criminal.

If in doubt, leave the ball in her court. Keep an eye on her body language and actions and see if she makes any moves towards touching you.

4. She Replies, But She’s Short and Blunt

This one is usually pretty easy to spot. Just scroll back up through your text messages and try and count out the ‘k’ and ‘yup’ texts. If you’re up to ten or eleven, somethings up.

This situation can come about for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to force a conversation when nothing is there.

If that’s the case, then wait until you have something interesting to say or put yourself in a situation where something fun can happen.

You’ll usually find if she’s interested, she’ll be updating you with all of the simple details of her life from what Pam at the office had for lunch today and how her boss was a real jerk. A pretty solid indicator of a lack of interest is if a girl is falling out of pattern with normal communication methods.

A good idea can be to cool it and leave things up to her. If the trail goes cold and you don’t hear from her, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

5. She Hasn’t Introduced You to Anyone Important to Her

If you’ve been dating your crush for a few weeks or months, it can be pretty normal to begin introducing each other into your friendship circles. If this hasn’t happened and she’s a little evasive, that’s a warning sign.

This might not mean she has no interest in dating you, but it could mean, for her at least, that she can see what you have together as more of a short-term thing.

For many girls, introducing their boyfriends to their parents can be a huge step, remember that early on in a relationship this might not be fatal. However, if you’ve been at it steadily for a while and she doesn’t want to meet the important people in your life or vice versa, you may have a problem.

Have You Seen Any of These 5 Warning Signs?

We all know that dating can be a fickle game. But if you have a real ‘heart-on’ for your crush, you can sometimes feel the scales tip.

If your crush is showing signs of not being interested, it may be time to muster up the courage to move on. But don’t be disheartened, for more tips on first dates, check out this post here.

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