How To Understand Women: The #1 Rule To Bear In Mind

Women aren’t as confusing as you think…

Women are not as ?difficult to understand? as most guys suggest.?

This article features one idea that explains most of the confusing things that women do to men.

Here it comes…

Women make decisions based on emotions, not logic.?

The truth is: men and women both do this.?

All humans make decisions based on emotions, then try to find logic to justify it.?

Ever convinced yourself you need that third pair of trainers or deserve a second dessert?


However, women are more prone to disregarding logic and making decisions purely on how they feel.?

It?s a key characteristic of feminine energy to be in touch with one?s emotions. That?s why women tend to be more caring, loving and sensitive than the stereotypical man.?

Once you understand this, you?ll understand so much about why women romantically accept or reject you. Then, it becomes far easier to treat women in a way that makes them want to spend time with you.??

Let?s take a look at how we can use this information to our advantage when trying to seduce the fairer sex.??

Why looks and money aren’t as important as you think

Logically, women say they want a man who is tall, handsome and rich.

They?ll tell you this. They?ll write it on their Tinder bio. They?ll truly believe it.?

However, these standards go out the window if you can tickle her emotions the right way.

If you can capture her attention, make her have fun, smoothly flirt with her and allow her to chase you a little, you?re in with a great chance with her. This is true no matter what you look like.

Yes, if you?re her ?type?, she might make it a bit easier for you.?

But if you can?t light up her emotions at all, you?re going to struggle with women, regardless of your dating ?credentials?.?

There are plenty of handsome doctors and lawyers out there who can?t find a great girl. A lot of them don?t know how to bring a fun vibe. Many ruin the chemistry because they?re too nervous. A lot of them are boring.?

In this case, a woman logically knows that this person is a catch, but she doesn?t feel the tingles for this guy. So, she disregards him.?

Meanwhile, there are plenty of dumbass drug dealers, club promoters and criminals getting laid all the time – because they?re unpredictable. They take women on an emotional rollercoaster – and most of them can?t get off the ride.??

Why ‘nice guys’ finish last

The concept of an emotional rollercoaster is important to remember, especially if you identify as a ?nice guy?.?

A woman rarely gets the tingles for guys who only ever compliment her, help her out, buy gifts etc.?

The ?nice guy? is too predictable. So, his ?nice? actions don?t excite her. They?re expected. She already knows how the romance story with the ?nice guy? ends. There?s no tension. No chase. No wondering whether she?s good enough for him.

No emotional impact.???

In contrast, an unpredictable man – who doesn?t show as much interest, lets her chase him and calls her out for bratty behaviour – is compelling.?

Women seem to love these highs and lows, even if only subconsciously. As with a good movie, she feels compelled to enjoy the ride and see what happens at the end.??

Why she’ll have a one-night stand

Logically, she?ll tell herself that she?s ?not that type of girl? to have one-night stands.?

She?ll write that on her Tinder bio and truly believe it too!

Yet, if you can guide her emotions correctly, she?ll rationalise doing it anyway.?

?Just this once.??

?This time doesn?t count.????

It?s no different to how you rationalise taking a day off from the gym or your diet.??

With that said, it still helps if you can pull her home in a smooth way, which allows her to justify that ?it just happened?.??

Why she flakes you

Let?s say you met a beautiful woman and hit it off. She laughs at your jokes. You?re flirting.? There?s clearly a connection.

To you, it makes complete logical sense to see each other again. For women, it?s not always that simple.?

For sure, you lit up her emotions during that initial meeting. But they?ll have dropped back to neutral by the time you text her again.?

When your text arrives, she?ll look into her emotions and decide how she feels about you. Often, the emotional high from the initial meeting will have somewhat faded. Perhaps your text arrives when she?s feeling stressed – or when she?s excited about some other dude.

This is why men are advised to send interesting and emotionally compelling messages. The idea is to spark her emotions into a frenzy once more with your words, before you ask her out again.???

Why online dating is so hard for guys

I have written in the past about the various ways that online dating screws men over.

A key reason is: it?s harder for men to leave an emotional impact on women through dating apps.?

On Tinder and most of the other mainstream apps, you?re forced to communicate solely through words. Yet, 93% of communication is non-verbal.?

She doesn?t see the expressions on your face or your relaxed body language. She doesn?t hear the dominant masculine tone of your voice. Essentially, your communication loses all emotion.?

That?s why it?s best to transition from online dating platforms to social media as quickly as possible.???

Why she gets upset about trivial things

When women are upset, men tend to look for a logical way to solve the problem.

Yes, this can help.?

But women will sometimes flat-out reject this perfect logical solution.?

Often, that?s because the problem itself isn?t what?s really troubling her.?

It?s how the problem makes her feel.?

More often than not, a woman fights with her significant other because she feels unheard or unappreciated.

  • She?s not as angry about you not taking the trash out, as she is about feeling taken advantage of.??
  • She?s not as upset as your boys night out, as she is about feeling neglected.
  • She?s not as mad about you talking to other women, as she is about being made to feel inadequate.?

So, next time you get into a stupid argument about nothing, try ignoring the problem itself. Focus on how it makes her feel and solve that instead.???

If you change a woman?s mood, it can be more effective than changing her mind.?

How to sway a woman’s emotions

This is a huge topic, which would require a whole book to cover fully. Still, here are some important guides to get you started.

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